Benefits of Clearing Browser Cache

Hi Jammers! We are going to be talking a little bit today on why you might want to clear out your browser’s cache.

Sometimes if you are playing Animal Jam, you might need to clear the browser’s cache because there could be outdated or old data being stored within your browser. You might end up getting a browser loading error, which you could think is a technical glitch in the game, when in reality it is your browser that needs emptied. This might happen if you are leaving your browser up for days or weeks at a time without closing it, or if there was some new things loaded into the game since you last logged in. Sometimes just logging out and back in works, but clearing your cache is the best way to solve lag and issues relating to the game not loading properly.

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Clearing your browser cache allows Animal Jam to run as smoothly as it possibly can, meaning that pages won’t get stuck or be slow at loading. Sometimes if your browser cache is not cleared, it can also cause parts of the website, such as the videos that run Adobe Flash, to end up crashing or becoming unstable.

After you clear your browser cache, you need to close out the browser window entirely, and then begin with a new browser session. You can click on “File” at the top of your browser and then go to the bottom and click “Exit” which fully ensures that your browser is closing. You then can double-click your browser once again to load it back up, and this will then ensure the cache has been cleared. At that point, open up Animal Jam in your browser and you should notice everything running smoothly in the game once again.

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