Big Jamaaliday Update!

Hey Jammers! It’s Acrowdedstreet again! There is a HUGE update on AJ, so I’m gonna get straight to the point. First off, more pets!

Pet Fox Ad

These pets were one of the most popular ones! They are very cute, and are available in the Diamond Shop for 3 diamonds. You can dress them up at the Pet Stop. Clothing options include Aviator Hat, Wizard Hat, Spike, Mech Angel Wings, Rare necklace, and Flower Bracelet! Totally worth it if you ask me!

Gift 16 Gift 17


These are the Daily Gifts for the past few days. The first one is very cute and is even animated! The cups are filled with hot chocolate and are shaped like a snowman and a penguin! The giant ornament is also a cool effect in the snow.

Gift Hat


A new item is in the Jam Mart Stores!! It may look silly, but it is super festive. It’s a little pricy, so I would only suggest buying this if you have more than enough money, or if you really want it. This item is members only.

Jamaaliday New Page Item

Lit Wire Deer  Candy Cane OrnamentStocking Ornament


This is a super surplus of cheap decorations available at the Jam Mart Furniture! They are totally worth it, and very pretty as well. Perfect to decorate any home, so save up on those gems!

That’s all for now, so be sure to check these out. Tell me what you think in the comments! I’d love to hear your thoughts. Happy Jamaalidays!


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  1. hi everybody if u could could you trade me a pink flower crown
    my user name is little misss parkle xx thank you

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