Big Updates

New Year, new changes! Animal Jam released more than enough surprises for us this week! Let’s see what’s  been going on!

First off, Pet Pandas are here! They are super cute and really fun!

Pet Panda Ad

These animals are really adorable. You can customize them in so many ways, and they just waddle around next to you. I would highly recommend buying one if you are considering it. It looks great, and it feeds itself bamboo! One 3 Diamonds in the Diamond Shop.

Adopt and Bounce

The Panda Party isn’t over just yet! There are signs all around Jamaa telling us that WE can help AJ adopt a panda to be featured in a zoo! This is surprising to me, because Pandas are very rare nowadays due to the loss of their home and food supply. One of the only places you can get Pandas is in China. So, that is why it would be ASTOUNDING if AJ manages to adopt one of these cuties. They are very rare in the Americas.

Adopt a Pandy

Apparently, if online Jammers adopt 50,000 pet Pandas by the near end of January, that means AJ will be able to do it! Another great reason to adopt your very own virtual pet panda.

You may have noticed the Bounce House Party info as well! Yes, bounce house! It looks very colorful, and its quite fun to simply bounce around and hang out with friends. I would suggest at least checking it out.

Den Contest

Its den against den! Which set is it going to be? AJ is letting us choose which den items we want to see in stores next! You can choose between an out of this world Space Set. A classy Pizza Parlor, or a snazzy new Art Studio! No doubt whichever one comes out first, Jammers will be itching to open up these businesses! Vote now!


Owl Rumor


Last, but absolutely not least, A NEW ANIMAL IS COMING! I already know its the owl, based on my puzzle solving skills. This is the (sort of) completed picture. This means the SECOND FLYING ANIMAL EVER ON ANIMAL JAM! I think it is very exciting. You can try solving the entire picture, if you want, but I’m sure my half completed version will suffice for now.

So, what do you think about these huge updates? Are you ready for more? Keep checking back here to find out! Comment your thoughts below, and I’ll see you super soon.


  1. There is also a rare in shop! Rare hat and beard

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