Big Updates

Hey Jammers everywhere! Its Acrowded and I am here with some BIG updates from Animal Jam! A NEW Jamaa Journal was released with big news! First off, OWLS are now in the Diamond Shop!


They look super cute and thy FLY too! This means you can use this animal to travel virtually anywhere in Bitter Sweets, which is a big time saver and boost!

More Items

Next, ALL ANIMALS have a new upgrade! We can now have up to 400 items in our dens and have 300 items in our inventories! This means we can save a lot more space for hundreds of more items! Isn’t that so cool? I have always had to transfer items to storage accounts so I can keep all of my things, but now I won’t have to do that as much thanks to this new update!

New Animal

AJ made it super obvious this time so I’m just going to straight up tell you: ITS A POLAR BEAR!!!! Polar Bears are awesome and I can tell it is going to be SUPER AWESOME! This is going to be the first bear we have ever seen, and no doubt there might be a new Alpha for it too. This would make a great companion for Penguins! Ha ha, I am not sure if it will be for non-members, but it will most likely be a Diamond animal.

More updates soon. Jam On!


  1. I RLLY hope the polar bears will be for non members too! It would be SO kewl!!

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