Birds of Jamma Art Winners Announced

Jammers have been sending in artwork on Animal Jam for the contest about birds. You could submit your bird artwork to be considered for a featured spot on the Daily Explorer blog page. There were a lot of submissions for the bird Jammer Art project, but 5 special people ended up getting featured. The 5 people were Blossom Windyspirit, Baron Spiritstone, Mythical Spiritgirl, Admiral Fieryspirit, and Mythical Templetiger. Congratulations to these five Jammers who have exhibited pretty creative bird art, with a lot of detail and color.

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The Daily Explorer features various art from Jammers who submit a piece of artwork on a topic picked by the staff. The next few weeks the topic will be dolphins and animal world art. You can submit your artwork through Animal Jam, but make sure you are not putting any personal information on your artwork so that you can be considered for a feature spot on the website. If you are one of the chosen featured submissions, you will get a plaque for your den as well, which is a pretty cool prize to get and show off to your friends. There will also be some honorable mentions for this category, and if you are an honorable mention, you will be featured in Jammer Central.

If you are unsure of how to submit your artwork you can find that on Jamma and you can also find the instructions online through their website. When you are submitting your artwork for consideration, you want to make sure you are submitting your best work, so you might want to do a few different dolphin pieces and then submit the one you are the most proud of, as that is likely the best way to get yourself a spot on the featured section.

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