Brady Barr’s Chemistry Set Cheats for Animal Jam


Brady Barr’s Chemistry set is a game found in the Lost Temple of Zios.  Jammers can create their own chemistry potions using the liquids in Brady Barr’s set.  To earn the Chemist achievement, follow these steps.

Cheats & Hints

1. Click the red bottle 3 times.

2. Click the green bottle 3 times.

3. Click the blue bottle 3 times.

4. Click the flame 3 times.

5. Click the 3rd bottle to fill them all with liquid.

After you complete these steps, you’ll earn the Chemist achievement and also have a vial of color-changing potion that follows you around for a while.


  1. Hi is this the only “cheat”?

  2. AWESOME AJ!!!!!

  3. Is there anymore than that??

  4. is there any other potions?

  5. I love doing that! 😀 Just now did it!
    I LOVE RAIMBOWS! OH! Friend me, Im Fabglamsta!
    😀 PEACE

  6. whats this minigame for? fun?

  7. i have done this soooo many times i love it 😀

  8. cool! I tried it and it works! I didn’t even know you could click the flame lol.

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