Call of the Alphas Journey Book Cheats & Guide

Call of the Alphas is a brand new Journey Book page with lots of hidden items and a pretty cool prize at the end.  This Journey Book adventure was added to Animal Jam during summer 2017.  I’ve created a full walkthrough guide with cheats to help you find all of the hidden items and get the prize.  Note: there is a lot of waiting needed to find all of the items so be patient.

**Guide Updated with Parts 2 & 3**

AJHQ has updated the Call of the Alphas Journey Book page to include two more sections!  Read below to see how to find the items from part 2 & part 3!

How to Get the Call of the Alphas Journey Book

Now the first question you might be asking is how do I find the Call of the Alphas Journey Book page to begin with?  Well the easiest way I know is to enter one of two different codes.  One code will give you the Call of the Alphas book and the other will give you the Phantoms’ Secret Book.  Both of these books will give you access to the Call of the Alphas quest.

Enter one (or both!) of these codes to unlock the items – heartstone and riddlethis.  For a full list of all the new Animal Jam codes, visit our main codes page.

Once you have the Call of the Alphas or Phantoms’ Secret books, it’s time to go to your den.  When you’re at your den, take out either of the books and place it anywhere in your den.  Click on the book to begin the Call of the Alphas Journey Book quest.

*Note* – For a period of time the Call of the Alphas Journey book was only available through the party menu.  So if this book method doesn’t work, check the party menu!

Call of the Alphas Journey Book Guide – Part 3

The third and final section of the Call of the Alphas Journey Book is now here!  I’ve found all the items for the right side of this Journey Book page so now you can too.  Read more to find out where they are!

Greely’s Shard

When you get to the Call of the Alphas area you’ll be back in that familiar rock spiral.  This time you need to go to the left to begin finding the items.

Continuing in that direction you’ll cross a bridge and find a trail.  Follow the trail until you see some patches of purple flowers.  Get off the trail and turn left.

You notice a rock cliff and some sand to your left.  Keep walking until you can go down the hill and stand near the sand.  Underneath the palm tree you’ll find Greely’s Shard.  Wait for the wind to blow the sand away and you’ll be able to see it.

Graham’s Schematics

After you pick up the shard, go in the direction of the arrow pictured below.

You will soon find a hut with a curtain door.  Wait for the curtain to open and you’ll find Graham’s Schematics.

Liza’s Flower

Now continue heading in the direction you were traveling before and go slightly to the left.

In the open clearing you will find Liza’s Flower.

Peck’s Pigments

After picking up her flower, go back past the huts and take a left to go towards the beach.

When you get to the beach wait near the hut in the picture and Peck’s Pigments will float to shore.  Note, it may take a while for them to appear!

Sir Gilbert’s Horn

Once you’ve picked up the pigments, head south and follow the beach along the water.

Continue following the beach until you see an area with rocks like in this picture.  On top of the rocks you’ll find Sir Gilbert’s Horn.

Cosmo’s Sapling

Now head back to the beach and continue going in the same direction as before.  Keep following the shore until you get to the end of the beach.  Then go in the direction that this arrow is pointing.

You’ll see some rocks ahead of you and two palm trees.  You’ll see Cosmo’s Sapling between the two trees.

Congratulations!  You’ve now found all of the items for the Call of the Alphas Journey Book page part 3!  Now let’s see what the prize is!

Oh cool it’s Alpha stepping stones!  These will go great with the fountain and arch from the other sections!

Call of the Alphas Journey Book Guide – Part 2

The second second section of this Journey Book page was added after the release of the original first page.  Follow this guide to find all of the items for the left side of the Call of the Alphas page!

Sir Gilbert’s Medal

You’ll start in the same area with the rock spiral like you did for the first part of this Journey Book.  Head north from the rock spiral and keep following the trail until it ends.

When you get to the end of the trail, go left.

Keep walking to the left and you’ll find Sir Gilbert’s Medal laying on a rock formation.

Cosmo’s Elixir

Now go around the rock formation and head up the mountain.

Keep following the trail up the mountain.

When you reach the top of the mountain go to your left.

You will see Cosmo’s Elixir sitting in the snow between some pine trees.

Liza’s Knapsack

Now go back down the mountain and head all the way back to the rock spiral where you started.  Follow the trail on the south side of the spiral.

Take the left side when the trail splits.

Liza’s Knapsack can be found near a rock formation on the trail.

Graham’s Gears

Continue following the same trail until it takes you to the base of the volcano.  Then make your way up the volcano.

You’ll go in a zig zag direction to get up the volcano.  Be sure to take a left between the trees pictured below to get to the top.

Turn right when you get to the top of the volcano and follow the trail along the edge of the lava.

The trail will get wider soon after that.  Take a left when the trail widens.

You will see a stream of lava shaped like a T.  To the right of that T you will find Graham’s Gears near the lava pit.

Greely’s Lockpicks

After you pick up the gears, start heading back in the direction that you came.  Except this time when you get to the trees go to the right to get to the beach.

As soon as you see the sand, go to the right.

Greely’s lockpicks will be sitting next to the rock wall.

Peck’s Chalk

Now go all the way back to where you found Liza’s Knapsack.  This time when the trail splits, head to the left.

Follow the trail until you get to the part where there are a bunch of blue flowers and the trail goes to the right.  Keep going straight off the trail.

Soon after that you will see Peck’s Chalk sitting on the ground by some red flowers.

And that’s every item for section 2 of Call of the Alpha’s!  Time to check out the Journey Book page.

And the amazing prize is…an Alpha Fountain!!

Let’s see how it looks at a den.  What a great decoration!

Call of the Alphas Journey Book Guide – Part 1

You’ll be shown the treasure map of all the hidden items you need to find.  There are a total of 12 items you must find to complete the first part of the Journey Book page.  The image below was from before additional items were added, your page will look different than this.

After you see the page, it’s time to get to work.  You’ll start off in a circle of rocks on the ground.  Head north and follow the trail.

Cosmo’s Hat

Keep following the trail until you get to a patch of three mushrooms next to a tree.  Wait near the mushrooms and Cosmo’s Hat will fall from the tree.

Peck’s Earring

Once you’ve picked up the hat, turn around and follow the trail back to the circle of rocks.  Now go to the left of the rocks and cross the bridge.  After crossing the bridge go to your right and you’ll find a farm with carrots growing.

Wait near the patch of carrots and eventually the ones on the end will pop out of the ground and Peck’s Earring will be under one of them.  These can take quite a while to pop up.

Liza’s Camera

After you find the earring, walk away from the farm and follow the trail south.  Stay on the trail until you cross a bridge.

On the left side of the bridge you’ll see a patch of white flowers.  Wait for the flowers to open up and you’ll find Liza’s Camera.

Graham’s Goggles

Now keep following the trail until you get to a spooky area with dead trees and fog.  Go further into this area and you’ll see some houses.  The last house has a big rotating clothes line.  Watch the clothes as they go around and eventually Graham’s Goggles will come through on the clothes line.

Sir Gilbert’s Armor

Now leave the area with the houses and get back on the trail again.  Keep going down the trail until you see the phantom sludge on the road.  Go back a few steps and to your right you’ll see an area with 3 tents.  Wait near the light blue tent and it will open.  Inside you’ll find Sir Gilbert’s Armor.

Greely’s Cloak

After you pick up the armor go back onto the trail and walk past the phantom sludge.  Wait in the area with the purple patterns on the ground and you will see Greely’s Cloak blow into the tree.  It only stays there for a second so you have to be quick!

Cosmo’s Seed Bag

Get back on the trail until you get to a T in the road.  Go right at the T and keep walking until you get to a stone ramp at the bottom of the volcano.

Walk up the ramp and go to your left.  You will find Cosmo’s Seed Bag sitting under the trees, finally an easy one!

Peck’s Paint Brush

Turn around and walk back in the direction that you came.  Except this time don’t go down the ramp, stay to the left and take the trail that goes around the volcano.  You’ll get to an open area.  Take a left to keep climbing the volcano.

From there, stay to the left side and keep walking until you see an area with spilled paint cans.  Wait near the paint cans and Peck’s Paintbrush will be lowered by a spider web.

Greely’s Journal

Walk back the direction that you came but this time stay left and go around the top side of the lava pit.

Then take a left shortly after.

You’ll find an area with a cave.  Wait outside the cave and Greely’s Journal will show up.

Graham’s Wrench

Once you have the journal head back down to the lava pit and walk around the edge.  Look for the area with the moving lava stream.  It may take some time to find the stream because they all look similar but you will come across it eventually.

Wait by the stream and Graham’s Wrench will come flying out and land on the ground.  Grab it quick, but be careful, it’s hot!

Sir Gilbert’s Map

Now leave the top of the volcano by going back down the ramp you came up.  When you get to the bottom of the ramp, go to the right.

Keep walking until you get to a sandy beach area.  Look for a tent with a yellow canopy and watch the barrel next to it.  Sir Gilbert’s Map will appear from the barrel.

Liza’s Compass

After you pick up the map, head towards the water and follow the beach until you see a spot with a tumbleweed across from a cactus.  Wait between the tumbleweed and cactus and the wind will blow away the sand.  That’s where you’ll find Liza’s Compass.

You’ve done it!  That’s all 12 items on the Journey Book page!

Now let’s see what our prize is…it’s an Alpha Archway!  I think it’s pretty awesome.

Time to see how the alpha archway looks at my den.  What an epic way to decorate the entry way!

Now you can enjoy your completed Call of the Alphas journey book page and show all of your buddies your cool new statue!

I hope this guide was helpful for finding all of the items and completing the Call of the Alphas journey book.  Thanks for reading, let me know what you think in the comments!

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