Camels Arrive in Play Wild!

It almost feels like there are not many desert animals in Play Wild. If you like desert animals, you are in luck. AJHQ decided to release the Camel into Play Wild. It was first made available on May 1, 2019, and is sold at the Sapphire Shop for 150 Sapphires. You can also purchase the Carefree Camel Bundle, which comes with a bunch of items, as well as the Camel, for 250 Sapphires. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Camel, and check out what it looks like.

Play Wild Camel Appearance

By default, the Camel in Play Wild has a brown/tan colored fur. It has two humps, with pink tufts of hair on top of it, as well as pink hooves. Its legs appear to be quite thin, but flexible and strong. It appears to have a coat/wig on its head as well, which is also made out of pink hair.  As usual, you are free to customize the appearance of the Camel, just like all other animals. It is also possible to put different kinds of outfits on your Camel.

Play Wild Camel Pictures

Just like all other animals in Play Wild, the Camel also has its own set of special abilities and actions. I have decided to take some pictures of those special abilities and actions to show you all what it looks like. First of all, I wanted to start with the sit action. The Camel sits down on its behind, with its legs stretched forward. It looks very funny!

The sleep action makes it buckle down on its legs, and put down its head. You can see it slightly moving to indicate that it is breathing, and that it is sleeping.

The hop action makes the animal jump up and down on all fours. The Camel is surprisingly flexible, and is able to jump up quite high.

The play action makes the animal look like it is winding up, and then starts jumping up and down on its front legs. It almost looks like it is cheer-leading.

Lastly, the dance action makes the Camel zigzag on all four of its legs, while at the same time shaking its head left and right.

In the following pictures, you can see what the Camel looks like while it is walking, running, walking on ice and swimming.

Camel Codes for AJPW

The Camel is still sold for 150 Sapphires at the Sapphire Shop in Play Wild. This means that, if you want to own one, you can still go ahead and purchase it. AJHQ hasn’t released codes for any animals in a long while. When they do release codes, its often for small amounts of in-game currencies, or promo items.

You best hurry and purchase the Camel at the Sapphire Shop if you want one, especially because it will probably be removed soon enough. Leave a comment down below if you already own the Camel in Play Wild, and tell us what you think of it!

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