Can’t Remember Your Username? Find Your Animal Jam Username

Hi Jammers! Have you ever had a moment where you just completely forgot your username? Sometimes it happens because in this day and age, we have so many usernames and passwords to remember that if you end up not writing it down as soon as you make it, at some point you will end up forgetting your username. So what can you do if you end up forgetting your own username to login to Animal Jam?

Well good news for players on Animal Jam since parents have complete access over everything you do on Animal Jam. All you need to do is ask your parent to login to their Parent Dashboard on Animal Jam, and they will be able to see every username of every player that is tied to their Parent Dashboard. You will need to tell your parent to login to their Parent Dashboard, and then as soon as they do, they will be able to see all of the usernames that your parent has tied into their account. From there, they can simply ask you which username is yours, and if you are the only child tied to your parents account, then it will be pretty easy to know which username is yours. Remember, that if you have trouble with any part of your Animal Jam account including your username or other information, your Parent Dashboard will have all of that information safe and secure in their account. You should not login to your parent’s account with out their permission, so just wait until they get home so they can look it up for you.

  1. i can’t remeber my username. can you help?

  2. I haven’t been on in a while so I really need to username now.

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