Carnival Darts Cheats for Animal Jam


Carnival Darts is a game that’s found at the Animal Jam Summer Carnival.  This is one of the more difficult Summer Carnival games.  The goal of this game is to shoot as many balloons as you can before you run out of darts.  Use your arrow keys to move back and forth and the spacebar to shoot darts.


Aim for the balloons with letters on them.  If you shoot all of them and spell out “PHANTOM” you get 10,000 points!  The balloons with darts on them give you extra darts so be sure to shoot those if you need more ammunition.  Make sure you don’t let the phantoms fall to the ground too because they will eat your darts!


If you can make it long enough to get all the letters, then you’ll win at least 500 tickets!


Cheats & Hints

Aim for the balloons with letters on them, these are worth the most points.

Use the balloons with darts on them to get more ammo.

Pay attention to the falling phantoms so they don’t eat your darts.

If you get all the balloons that spell “PHANTOM” you get 10,000 points, grand prize!

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