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Meet Cosmo Cheats & Guide

Meet Cosmo is the third Animal Jam Adventure which was recently released for members. In this adventure, you have to help Cosmo find the missing koalas that have been captured by the phantoms and restore the land to the koalas. Once again, the phantoms have polluted the streams and Cosmo’s crops aren’t growing.  First grab the watering can and water all 7 plants in his garden. Then Cosmo tells you that 3 koalas have been

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The Phantom Portal Cheats & Guide

The Phantom Portal is the second Animal Jam adventure to be released since they started the adventures.  In this adventure, the phantoms have taken over and made the river toxic, killing all of the the plants.  It’s up to you to restore order and kick the phantoms out of town. When you first speak to Liza, she tells you that the phantoms have taken over and poisoned the river.  You and your fellow adventurers have

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