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Crystal Pegasus Armor

In early 2018 we began seeing Jammers wearing new, never before seen pieces of armor.  It turns out these were pieces from the Crystal Pegasus armor set.  Many Jammers were confused how to get this new armor since it wasn’t for sale anywhere in the game.  Let’s see what this new armor set is like! Now first for the bad news.  Unlike most other Animal Jam armor, the Crystal Pegasus armor cannot be purchased from

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Ancient Armor Codes & Trading

Ancient armor arrived in Jamaa in March of 2018 when the land area Balloosh was released.  This cool new armor set celebrates some of the ancient mysteries in Animal Jam and it looks pretty awesome! In order to purchase the ancient armor set you need to go the Balloosh land area.  When you get there, find the Temple of the Ancients and go inside! Now head towards the back of the temple and you’ll see

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