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New Ocean Diamond Shops in Sunken Treasures & Bahari Bargains

Recently in the Jamaa Journal they announced two new ocean diamond shops so I went for a dive to check them out myself!  Hopefully there are some new items we haven’t seen yet. Each of the new diamond shops are underwater so you will need an aquatic animal to find them.  One of the shops has diamond den items and the other has diamond clothing and accessories. The new diamond shops are pretty easy to

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Animal Jam Diamond Shop Items

The Diamond Shop was added to Animal Jam in 2013 and is a shop where every item must be purchased with diamonds.  Unfortunately, this excludes many non-members because diamonds are pretty much only available to members.  Here I have created a guide showing the different items available at the Diamond Shop.  The Diamond Shop sells everything from den accessories to rare animals you can play as. Diamond Shop Animals These are the animals and pets

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