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Pest Control Cheats for Animal Jam

Pest Control is a strategy game that requires you to place animals along the edge of a track to prevent pests from invading your fortress.  As your animals eat the pests, you earn more tokens to buy more animals.  Certain animals are better at eating different pests than others. First Wave: Ants Tip: Use the green plants to control the pests. Second Wave: Flies Tip: Use the green plants as defenders from the pests. Third Wave:

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Fruit Slinger Cheats for Animal Jam

Fruit Slinger is a slingshot game that is very similar to Angry Birds.  Aim your fruit at the phantoms, hit each one to pass to the next level.  Each fruit has different abilities for hitting the targets.  There are ways to cheat at Fruit Slinger if you continue reading. To play Fruit Slinger, click on the fruit in the slingshot and drag it back while aiming it up or down to hit the targets.  I

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