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Rare Bow and Arrows

The rare bow and arrows is another very popular rare item in Animal Jam.  One of the main reasons for its popularity (aside from the fact that they look awesome) is that they are available for non-members too!  Now to find out more about the rare bow and arrows and other kinds of bows you will find in Jamaa Rare Bow & Arrows The original rare bow and arrows were released in December of 2011

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Rare Nerd Glasses

Rare nerd glasses are another very popular rare item in Animal Jam.  These glasses will instantly make your animal look like a bookworm who can help with your math homework. The rare nerd glasses first appeared in August 2013 as a Rare Item Monday item and were sold at Jam Mart Clothing for one day.  The cost of the nerd glasses was 950 gems which made them a pretty expensive item. As you can see

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Rare Spike Collars & Wristbands

There have been a few different kinds of spike accessories in Animal Jam over the years but the rare spikes have always been the hardest to get.  I thought it might be helpful to make a guide showing the variations of spikes and share some ways of how to get them.  Let’s take a look at the kinds of spikes that are in Animal Jam! Rare Long Spike Collars & Wristbands These are the original

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