Charm Tokens in Animal Jam – How to Get Them!

Tokens are quite popular items in Animal Jam. They look like giant coins, which you can place in your den. They usually have animations, spinning for example. The Charm Token is one of those tokens. It is a non-member den item, released back in November of 2017. If you have visited many dens over the past year, you probably have seen this token in a few of them.

In the picture above, you can see what the Charm Token looks like. It appears to be a giant silver coin, with a large purple circle on it. Within the purple circle, you can see the face of a cat, smiling at you. On top of the cat face, there is a loop, which makes it appear as if you can put it on a chain, such as a charm. There is only one variant of the Charm Token.

How to Get Charm Tokens in Animal Jam

If you are unfamiliar with tokens in Animal Jam, they are usually given out as promo items. This is also the case for the Charm Token. There are a number of ways to obtain it; however, originally you would have to redeem a unique code to get one of the tokens as a reward.

Animal Jam – Make It Real Kits

The unique codes mentioned above are included in the Make It Real Kits. These kits can be bought with money, and they usually consist of crafting items. Two of the Make It Real Kits contain the code for the Charm Token. Those kits are the Charm Locket and Charm Bracelet kits. If you can still get your hands on one of these two kits, you can redeem the code within.


If you don’t want to spend real money on any kits, it is also possible to get the token by simply trading with other Jammers. Even though it’s a promo item, the token does not have a rare tag, and I have personally seen a few players that are willing to trade theirs.

The best place to look for trades is by going to a busy server, and then visiting the Jamaa Township. The Diamond Shop is usually packed with Jammers that are looking to trade.

Charm Token Codes

Charm Tokens can be redeemed by using a unique code. However, those codes can’t be found on the internet. People that buy the crafting kits are not going to be posting their codes online for everyone to see. If you are looking to trade the token, leave a comment!

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  2. What can you do with these tokens? With Masterpiece tokens, you can make masterpieces, so what do these do?

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