Cheetahs Come To Jamaa!

If you’ve logged in to Animal Jam today, you’ve probably already seen that cheetahs have come to Jamaa!  I think this is pretty exciting news because cheetahs are cool animals!


Right now, you can only buy the cheetah at the Diamond Shop.  It costs 10 diamonds so save up so you can buy one!  I only have 9 diamonds right now so I guess I’ve gotta wait til next week 🙁


They look really neat though, I can’t wait to choose the colors and patterns on one!


The Conservation Museum has an all new exhibit in honor of the cheetahs that is all about speed!  The museum shop has been remodeled too so go there and check out all of the new animal accessories!


There’s also a new video of the cheetah that you can watch at the Conservation Museum.  Remember, you can also get tarantulas as pets at the diamond shop now!  Keep an eye out for pet bats at the spooky party too!


Is anyone else getting as excited for Halloween as I am?!


  1. oh and by the way Shayna’s username is fluttershy123451

  2. animal jam is the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my friend Shayna showed it to me and when i heard her say animal jam i thought it was animals playing music or something. (i’m glad it’s not) but anyways animal jam rocks and you should buddy me and also watch julian2’s videos cuz i mean they totally rock and my username is sarahsquishy3 i used it for name. and i really really really love aj because it’s awesome i tried to get my sister to play it but she hates it!!!!!! i can’t believe that!!!!!! sorry i am being redundant i am finished now.

  3. varios

  4. claro que sim

  5. codigos de diamante e de menber e claro que tem

  6. ha ha to nem ai eles pedem meu arco raro isso e ganancia

  7. lol xD members afff

  8. nossa todos os members se acham os fodas me inguinoram tanto

    Is there a cheetah gift card? I also want to know is how do you k ow all this stuff?
    Be my buddy,
    Hannwolf123 (AJ username)
    🙂 😉 🙂 😉

    • You have to be a member to buy a cheetah, they cost 10 diamonds. There might be a cheetah gift card. I know that the gift cards they sell at Target come with diamonds 🙂 I find out most of my info from the Jamaa Journal and Animal Jam’s blog. Thanks for visiting!

    • Be a member and save the big catsz!

  10. This is an awesome website!! Thank you, whoever created this!! I just wanted to know whether you have any diamond codes?


    • Thank you for visiting, glad you like it! Right now I don’t know of any diamond codes but I will be sure to update whenever I find some 🙂

    • The only diamond code is twelve. Works once, and you can get diamonds from daily spin and Diamond Tuesdays

  11. Animal jam is my favorite game I love it a lot but it makes me mad how things can only be for members but non members(which I am) get some cool stuff what I was thinking of is that if you make a new animal you should make a member animal for the non members. That would be totally fair to me!

    • omg ikr?

    • AJ is trying to get nm to be members. Membership money helps the big cats, and why do nm’s complain? Be a member and help the big cats. I see why AJ is trying to make everything available to members cause big cats are near extinction. So guys, help the big cats and GET MEMBERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. animal jam is the best website in the world so get on animal jam and play u can be an animal and u get to play in a virtual world

    • my username is thailandgirl2006 I love animal jam and I also agree with the non member thing I am a member but I totally agree with the non member thing..

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