Cheetahs Have Returned!

Hello everyone! Acrowded here with some news from Jamaa! Let’s not waste anytime and start learning about what’s new and happening.

Cheetahs are Back Again

First off, Cheetahs are back! These wild cats wasted no time rushing back into Jamaa! You can get one in the Diamond Shop today for 10 gems! There is also a new Cheetah Minibook in the Chamber of Knowledge. If you finish the book, you get bonus gems, so don’t forget to check that out as well!

Bowl with Buds

Next up, there is a fun new game to play with all of your buddies! It’s called Bowling and the game is simple. Just click to aim the coconut ball, and click again to roll it. It’s fun, simple, and a cool new way to challenge your friends. You can play it the way you usually play games.

Mech Den

You voted, and Jamaa answered back! New Futuristic Mechanical Den items are here! There are Mech Windows, Dragons, Eggs, and more! Many items are for members and non-members alike, so head on over to Jam Mart Furniture to buy them all today! You can turn your simple den into a great one with this awesome furniture set!

Otters Gone

Out with the old, now that Cheetahs are back. Otters have decided to take a break and travel for a while! On the 28th of May, which is in two weeks, Otters will no longer be in the Diamond Store. If you’ve been waiting to get one, now is the time to do it! They are 10 gems. Hurry before they leave. Who knows when they’ll be returning?

Carnaval Hint

Now that Cheetahs are back, the Conservation Museum has decided to create an awesome new Speed in Nature Exhibit! Check out all you need to know about the cheetahs and more in there!

Finally, the Summer Carnival is making a return! Now that the weather is warmer, it’s time for all animals to have fun at this fair! Play games to win tickets and buy prizes! It’s coming soon, so don’t forget to keep an eye out for it!

That’s all for now! Are you excited about the cheetahs? Are you going to get an otter? How do you like the new game? Are you having fun with the new furniture? Do you want the carnival to get here already? Comment below and let us know! As for know, I will see you all very soon!


  1. i have 0 diamonds becuz i spent it on the jamaaliday house

  2. I want a cheetah but I only have zero diamonds is there a way I can get a cheetah without using diamonds? :/

  3. I have 21 diamonds, and i really don’t have a clue what to spend them on.

  4. OMG i can’t believe that cheetahs have returned i mean i can’t wait to get one oh and buddy me on Animal Jam

  5. Everything is pretty AWESOME!!!

    (I also saw alot of typos in this 1. Diamonds are not gems)

  6. Also if u want to buddy me my user is sk77667 no capitals

  7. I still have tickets from last year but I was a non member and I was new to animal jam so I thought u had to spend diamonds to play so I didn’t play and I didn’t have enough tickets to buy anything.

  8. Moo, also yay but today is a Wednesday

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