Cloudburst Armor Set

AJHQ said that they would be releasing the most intense armor, and they were true to their word. On June 14, 2018, they released the Cloudburst Armor Set. It was for sale during the Summer Storms Wild Weekend. The entire set could be purchased at the Diamond Shop, but was only for sale for a total of four days. This means that if you missed the Wild Weekend, it is no longer possible to find the items in the Diamond Shop.

The Cloudburst Armor Set consists of five items in total; Thunder Helmet, Lightning Collar, Storm Cloud Suit, Lightning Gauntlets and Lightning Tail Armor. Each of the items in the set is members-only. This means that, in order to wear them, you will need a membership, Items in the Cloudburst Armor Set were sold between 1 and 3 Diamonds.

Cloudburst Armor Set Pictures

In the pictures below, you will be able to see what the different items in the armor set look like. As you can see, the main detail is the golden lightning bolt, which is featured in many of the items. The items also have an animation in the form of crackling electricity, which is amazing. Wearing the entire set will make you look like a walking storm!

Thunder Helmet

Lightning Collar

Storm Cloud Suit

Lightning Gauntlets

Lightning Tail Armor

How to Get the Cloudburst Armor Set

If you missed the Summer Storms Wild Weekend sale on June 14, 2018, I have some bad news for you. You will no longer be able to buy the armor set in the Diamond Shop. Even if that may be, it is still possible to get your hands on the individual items. Check out below to find out how to get the Cloudburst Armor set for yourself.


The only way to still get the armor set is by trading with other Jammers. I have seen several posts and comments by Jammers that are looking to trade their sets for other rare items. It is always important to remember that when a trade is too good to be true, there is usually something fishy going on. Avoid getting scammed by following our handy trading guide!

Cloudburst Armor Set Codes

There have been times where AJHQ released codes for items, animals, gems and diamonds in Animal Jam. Unfortunately, there are no working codes available for this set. Your best bet would be to look for Jammers that are willing to trade their set with you.

  1. i want a memem
    bers pls

  2. I really want alpha armor, crystal Pegasus gauntlets pink, white, and blue, I also want 3’000 sapphires and blackout spike, rainbow spike, and any color mythical spike, I also want a double tail, pet pony I want to create it my self if that’s ok with you, I also want both colors of rare raccoon tail and rare flower crown and the last thing I want is a membership for twelve months

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