Club Geoz Music – Rare Den Music Code

One of the more unique den items are the music items that you can place in your den to entertain your guests. The Club Geoz Music item is one of such items. Today, we are going to take a closer look at this music item, and what its melody sounds like.The Club Geoz Music item was released in July 2016, as part of a promo. In order to obtain the item, you need to redeem a code that came with the Club Geoz Playset Jazwares Toy.

Club Geoz Melody

The Club Geoz Music item has a very catchy melody. It is a mixture of rock and jazz. At the start, you hear a saxophone, which changes into an electric instrument later on. There is also a voice that repeats the word “DJ” every now and then. The melody keeps going for a while, and at the end of the track, the voice says “DJ, so funky dance!” to complete the track.

How to Get the Club Geoz Music for Your AJ Den

There are currently two ways to obtain the Club Geoz Music item. You can either purchase the Jazwares Toy that comes with a redeemable code, or you can trade for the item.

Club Geoz Playset Jazwares Toy

The Club Geoz Music item can officially be obtained by redeeming a code that comes with the Club Geoz Playset Jazwares Toy. However, since the toy was released in 2016, it might be a little difficult to still obtain it. Nevertheless, there are some websites online that sell the toy. If you are willing to spend real money on the toy, you could still get the music item that way.


If you rather do not spend real money on the Club Geoz Playset Jazwares Toy, you could also obtain the music item by trading with someone that already has it. The problem with trading is that someone must first be willing to trade their item with you.

However, you can always find a few traders in crowded places in Animal Jam. Ask around if someone has the music item, and if they are willing to trade with you. Make sure to offer some of your own valuables in return.

Club Geoz Music Codes

It would be a lie to say that there are no codes available for the Club Geoz Music item. The only catch is that those codes are not free. You have to buy the Jazwares Toy to receive the code. If you don’t want to spend money on the toy, you could always try to trade for the item. 

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