Club Penguin Island Alternatives for 2019

Club Penguin is one of the most recognized online games, known by young and old. It was first released on October 24, 2005. Its popularity was immense, with millions of players worldwide. In 2007, the developers of Club Penguin searched for business partners, in order to be able to reach more children. There were many candidates, but they decided to go with Walt Disney.

During the mid-late 00’s, mobile games weren’t really a big thing yet. There were some here and there, but smartphones weren’t really mainstream yet. Nowadays, even young children have their own smartphones or tablets. When the developers of Club Penguin saw a decline in their player count, they decided to create a new and rebooted mobile version of their game.

Mobile Version: Club Penguin Island

The mobile version was named Club Penguin Island. However, the game wasn’t able to keep up with the competition. First, the browser version got discontinued on March 30, 2017. When the mobile version, Club Penguin Island, still kept declining, the developers decided to pull the plug on that game as well. Club Penguin Island is said to close its doors forever at the end of 2018.

Games like Club Penguin Island – Free Alternatives for 2019

Even though the game kept declining, there is still a large player base. If you are one of those players, you shouldn’t worry too much, because there are some great alternatives. Today, we are going to take a look at the two best alternatives to Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island.

Animal Jam – CPI Browser Alternative

Animal Jam is the perfect game to play when Club Penguin Island shuts down. The main reason I say that is because both games try to appeal to the same audience, which is young kids. Both games are also based around the same idea, which is the use of animals in a game.

Animal Jam has been released several years after Club Penguin, and has some similar features. A great thing about AJ is that the game is fairer against non-members. As a non-member, you are able to access more parts, obtain more items, than you could as a non-member in CPI. It is also clear that AJ gives non-members more freedom to roam, and even play some adventures.

Another complaint about CPI is that there is not enough human moderation. The players are ruder, especially against new players, and mods are slow to act. CPI also has a very strict bad word list, which means that it is sometimes difficult to even structure a sentence. AJ is simply more player-friendly, has a more welcoming community and has responsive mods.

Platforms: Browser | PC App | Mac App

Play Wild – Similar to Club Penguin Island for Android & iOS

Another alternative to CPI is Play Wild. Play Wild is basically the mobile version of Animal Jam. The great thing about PW is that you can use your AJ account to play on it. If you don’t have access to a computer, you can simply take out your smartphone and continue playing on it.

PW is quite new, and some of the features, animals and items that are already in AJ are not yet implemented into PW. However, AJHQ is working hard on transferring everything over, making sure that it all works perfectly. Another great thing about AJ and PW is that you only need to pay for a single membership, if you choose to become a member. One membership works on both games, unlocking many more features, animals, clothing items, den items and more!

Platforms: Android | iOS | Amazon

AJ and PW Special Codes

If you are moving from CPI to AJ or PW, there is a special code that you can use to feel just at home. By entering the code “penguins”, you will receive a free Penguin as a playable animal. AJHQ has added this code to the game to make CPI players feel at home, which is awesome!

This is not the only time that AJHQ released promo codes for AJ and PW. You can easily find a list of working codes by searching for it on the internet. Be aware of websites that claim that you can get all animals and unlimited in-game currencies by using their codes. Those websites are scams, and there are no such codes available.

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