Clydesdale Codes for Animal Jam

Clydesdale horses are the first new animal for 2018 arriving on January 18th.  AJHQ hinted at the release of the Clydesdale by leaving huge horseshoe prints in the snow.  When they finally arrived they were bigger and even cooler than I expected!

These huge Clydesdale horses can be purchased at the Diamond Shop.  They cost 10 diamonds and I think they are totally worth it!  Unfortunately Clydesdale horses are for members only but non-members don’t worry – I’m here to help with some ways to get a Clydesdale for free in Animal Jam!

But first let’s take a look at the new Clydesdales and see just what they’re like!  I made a short video so you can see them in action!

Once you head down to the Diamond Shop and click on the wolf statue, you’ll see the Clydesdale horse for sale.  It’s so big that it’s too tall to fit in the frame!  The price tag covers up part of it’s head :p

After buying a Clydesdale the first thing I noticed is that they are way bigger than I expected.  I mean I knew they were going to be large from the clues, but they are huge!

It’s sorta hard to tell from my pics since there weren’t any other animals nearby but if you watch the video above you can see a bit better just how big they really are!  Now to test out their moves!  I did not know this but Clydesdales are quite the dancers.  They even dab!

The Clydesdale horse’s “hop” is more like a full jump.  Take a look below to see how high they can jump!

The play move for the Clydesdale is the one that really surprised me!  I took some screenshots below but you’ve gotta watch the video above to get the full effect.

First the Clydesdale gets into a rocket ship and then it gets dropped off by a UFO!  So random but so awesome!!

I wasn’t sure what to think when Clydesdales were first announced but now I’m so excited for them!  Now a lot of Jammers are going to be wondering how to get a Clydesdale for free.  Since most of the new animals in Animal Jam are for members only, it can be hard for non-members to get them.

The easiest way to get all of the newest animals, including the Clydesdale, is by becoming an Animal Jam member.  There are so many advantages to being a member but membership can be expensive.  That’s why I made a page to help Jammers get a free Animal Jam membership.  Check it out for some tips on how to get a membership for free!

Clydesdale Codes for Animal Jam

The other question I get asked often is if there are any Clydesdale codes available.  At the time of writing this I don’t know of any working Clydesdale codes.  But just because there aren’t any right now doesn’t mean there won’t be some later.  If you know of any working Clydesdale codes please share them in the comments!

I’ll be looking out for any Clydesdale codes and will add them to this page as soon as I find some.  Until then, let me know what you think of the new Clydesdale horses in Animal Jam!

  1. I cant wait to see what memes the new horses have in store for me, No one can hide from the internet! or should i say no animal 😉

  2. Hi try the codes on vids maybe that will help any one have a worn? I have rares.

  3. Anyone Have A Black and white skunk tail Need it to complete my outfit User: Mrscarosel123

  4. hi could i have some sapphires or a tiger animal and a clysedale please

  5. You sure there is no more free animal codes?

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    TY my user is: Kialaa im a bunny

  7. try “coolclydesdale”

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  10. i need clydesdale my username is jakegama

  11. Hey, does anyone have any spikes?
    I need a few, I used to think that spikes werent as rare and I just really want some for me and my friends!
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    My bro: Foxysbff
    Friend 1: Cherry3114
    If you would send them to my bro that would be great, im a non member so..
    If you could send a few worn diamond shop ones that would be nice too!
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