Codes List Updated for June 2017 – New Codes Added!

Hello Jammers!  Last month was a big month for codes with six new codes added.  June is off to a good start because one player has already told me another new code!

I want to thank Optimistz AJ for showing us this new code.  As always if you know of any new working codes for 2017 please share them in the comments!  If your code works I’ll add it to the full list here on our site.

Here’s the newest Animal Jam code for June 2017.  When you use it you’ll get 500 gems!  Be sure to check out our list of all the working codes for 2017 to get even more gems!

NGKAJ18 – 500 gems

You can find more information on how to enter codes on the main codes page.  Remember that codes can only be used once per account so use them wisely!

Thanks again to Optimistz AJ for sharing this new code and thanks for visiting!  We try to have all of the newest working codes but we can’t do it without your help.  Please continue to share your codes so we can have the biggest list yet!

I can’t wait to see what other codes and updates come out this summer!   We’ll be sure to keep you updates with all of the latest news.


  2. I want to be a member of animal jam

  3. they work!

  4. I have played aj since i was in second grade ( now im in 6th ). It has always been my dream to get memebership.


    btw my user is daranyw1123

  5. Will you tell me how to see all the play wild codes? I can’t find them

  6. I want free membreship please my username is bellasward thank you

  7. I would love to be a member, I loved playing animal jam till our computer broke down which was 3 years ago. I recently(yesterday) restarted playing aj again on our laptop and I would love to get a boost from u in membership. It’s ok if u just give me diamonds but it would mean the world to me. THX

  8. hi, 😛 I just wanted too comment, but how do you get the sequin bow code?

  9. plz can u get me membership for animal jam for a month? my parents wont get it me they think it is to expensive!
    if u can get me membership then please send it to queenhappy13 at animal jam!

    thank you very much kody

  10. i would really appreciate if i got some diamonds but atleast over 300 diamonds and if you dont wanna help thats fine i just try

  11. i love cheats too i wish betas would go back into promo codes

  12. in the daily spin when you get the gifts all I get are member rares plz change

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