Animal Jam Codes for 2019

*Animal Jam Codes List Updated for May 2019*

Codes are needed to get the most out of Animal Jam.  New codes come out every couple weeks and can be used for free gems and other new items!  I’ll try to keep this list of codes updated as they expire and new ones come out.  Feel free to comment if you know any new codes that I don’t have on the list!

If you need more gems to buy items or you are tired of trying to earn gems by playing games, try the list of codes below.  These codes have been tested to work and will unlock different items and gems.  Each gem code can only be used once per player so use them wisely.

The list of codes below has the newest working animal jam codes for 2019.  I try to keep the list up to date so if any codes are expired let me know.  The Animal Jam codes list was last updated May 2019. The newest code listed below is juno.  I will add more unexpired codes for 2019 as soon as they come out, thanks for looking!

I go through this list once per month and clear out all of the expired ones.  If you know any new working codes please post them in the comments!

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More AJ Codes

**January 2018 Update** All codes have been checked to make sure they work and the list has been updated with new ones.  Happy New Year!

**August 2018 Update** Went through the list again and added/removed codes – all are working now!  We lost a few but hopefully new ones will come out soon.

**January 2019 Update** Codes list updated for the new year. Let’s hope for lots of new codes this year!

**April 2019 Update** All codes have been tested and lists updated. Sorry for the delay everyone. Stay tuned for more new codes hopefully soon!

Below is the most recently updated list of codes available on Animal Jam in 2019!

Working Animal Jam Codes

Code Prize
AJBDAY8 8th Birthday Cake
juno Hidden Juno Statue
adorableotter 750 gems
billygoat 750 gems
cheerycheetah 750 gems
clevercoyote 750 gems
coolpolarbear 750 gems
cuddlykoala 750 gems
curiousraccoon 750 gems
dashingdolphin 750 gems
fastfalcon 750 gems
funnyfox 750 gems
fuzzytiger 750 gems
happyhyena 750 gems
jammerjoey 750 gems
livelylynx 750 gems
loudlion 750 gems
lovablelemur 750 gems
luckyllama 750 gems
playfulpanda 750 gems
poshpig 750 gems
quickhorse 750 gems
sillyseal 750 gems
slowsloth 750 gems
sneakycougar 750 gems
snowyleopard 750 gems
supersheep 750 gems
swiftdeer 750 gems
touchytoucan 750 gems
wileywolf 750 gems
wiseowl 750 gems
explorer 100 gems

Expired Codes

Code Prize
NGKAJ19 500 gems
dynamitejams 500 gems
koala 500 gems
penguins Penguin Animal
penguins Pet Penguin
pirateship Lost Treasure Book
arctic 500 gems
ajtreasurechest 1000 gems
annual2play 900 gems
wintergame Mystery at Mt Shiveer Book
twelve 1 diamond
beeparty 500 gems
AJBDAY7 777 gems
NGKAJ18 500 gems
powerbackpack Panda Power Backpack
wildbackpack Play Wild Backpack
heartstone Call of the Alphas Book
riddlethis The Phantoms’ Secret Book
wildlunch 800 gems
ajplaycards 500 gems
secretelephant 500 gems
greeleysfans 500 gems
grahamsgreatest 500 gems
time2jam 750 gems
ready2jam 750 gems
jamaafun2day 750 gems
aj4ever Reader’s Chair
getready2jam Reader’s Sofa
paws4friends Reader’s Lamp
happyfriend 1000 gems
fastfriend 250 gems
softfriend 800 gems
fuzzyfriend 500 gems
downyfriend 1000 gems
NGKAJ17 500 gems
bats 500 gems
AJBDAY6 6th birthday cake
bestfriends 500 gems
tropical 500 gems
flying 500 gems
underwater 500 gems
trivia 500 gems
bemybuddy 1000 gems
trench 500 gems
gifts 500 gems
fashion 500 gems
phantoms 500 gems
llamas 500 gems
birthday 500 gems
party 500 gems
explore 500 gems
mega 1000 gems
tojam 1000 gems
ajbday5 Animal Jam 5th birthday cake
picsou 1000 gems
beano 1000 gems
NGKJammin 1000 gems
newyear15 500 gems
outback 500 gems
ajrocks 500 gems
pets 500 gems
winter 500 gems
adventure 500 gems
drawing 500 gems
shadows 500 gems
chimbu 500 gems
tigris 500 gems
ganges 500 gems
ngk2015 1000 gems
ajbday4 Animal Jam 4th birthday cake
friendship 500 gems
friends 1000 gems
spooky 500 gems
nile 500 gems
zambezi 500 gems
kama 500 gems
ngexplorer 1000 gems
ajbday3 Animal Jam 3rd birthday cake
alphas 500 gems
10million 10 million banner
thanks imprisoned phantoms
ngkidsrox 1000 gems
discovery 1000 gems
HOOOT 500 gems
kangaroo 500 gems
dolphin 500 gems
AJHQ3000 500 gems
birthday bash birthday cake

THANK YOU to these readers who have shared the codes they have found: Sphealie, Guineapigsrock2004, pokemongamer31, Optimistz AJ, Sunshine Jamaa, ItsMagMa, Ashwath, Cutebunnyinfunjam, 2fangs, lolipop560, charliyay, lilyandemma8, Pinata, Amy, Quest, animesenpai04, Roin, thinkweird, bubblymice, thedavymak, prince quietkangaroo, jarren19, Perfect1010, gabby, Emily, Leila, t36fa, Bolt51963, disqualified, southernwolf03, iamthecat, Cali Girl, Abby, Nikola, fish301, ARCTICKWOLFGIRL, littlefrozenpants, shytail1, and Lucas!

How to Use Animal Jam Codes

Check out the instructions below for a guide on how to enter Animal Jam codes. There are two different ways to redeem the codes: when you login and while you’re playing.


Option 1: Enter an Animal Jam Code When You Login

Entering codes when you log in is easy, all you have to do is check the box when you login then enter your code.  Some codes have to be typed exactly as they are spelled so make sure you use caps lock if they are in capital letters.


Once you login, a gift box will appear with your promo code gift.


Click the box and you’ll unlock your promo code reward!  The codes are good for however many gems it says on the list.


Option 2: Enter an Animal Jam Code While You’re Playing

If you want to enter a code while you are playing the game, just follow these instructions.  First click on the settings button at the top right side of your screen.

Now click on the button that says “Enter Code”.

Just type in your code and click the continue button.  You’ll get your prize from the code right away!

Once you’ve used these Animal Jam codes you can enjoy the free gems you’ve unlocked!  Be sure to share the codes with your friends so they can get the most out of Animal Jam too.  If you have any problems you can go to the Official Game Help Center on NatGeo’s website.

Check back because I will update this list with new codes when they come out.  If you know any new animal jam codes that I haven’t mentioned, please comment and I’ll put them on the list of unexpired codes!

Old banners:



Let me know if you see any expired Animal Jam codes here and I’ll take them off the list!  I try to find the latest Animal Jam codes and keep this list fresh but I can always use some help from other Jammers 🙂  Don’t be afraid to comment below and let me know about any new codes for gems or anything else!

Instead of spending hours playing games to unlock gems, just use these codes to earn gems and other prizes!  Gems can be used to buy new den items, costumes, pets and more!  Increase the size of your Animal Jam bank account with these codes.  This list will be updated regularly for the newest codes for 2019.  This aj codes list was last updated May 2019.

  1. Where is the penguin pet code? It’s just black on my screen. Also the Penguin animal on isnt working. But thanks for this website sooooo much its super useful!

  2. give me diamonds plsssss!

  3. What promo code gets u den betas?

    • None. Den betas are items from the “Beta Age”, the age when AJ was just created. They do not sell most betas nowadays, which is why betas are so popular and rare.

  4. I love your codes!!!!!!!!!!

  5. err. I used all of these codes and they worked fine and I’m not a member and I got the penguin and penguin pet

  6. Thanks Aj!!!!!!

  7. thank but need a pet besides the penguin

  8. im not a member and i got it

  9. I think they need to add pet chinchillas that would be cool but for evryone not just members non members to

  10. For the “penguins” code you also get an igloo peak.

  11. Thank you guys so much for all the codes…. also if other people read this plz add me im cutegirl6260 😀 i need friends

  12. Hmmmm….They really need codes for nice stuff…like clothes that are GOOD and not gems and backpacks….just sayin..

  13. I have done them all! but, I want some more Dimond ones and like member ones becuz meh membership just ended and im not allowed to buy any more so I need some codes for Dimond’s and membership! sorry if im bragging just that I need more dimonds and some membership

  14. Thank but I need a pet besides the penguin

  15. The penguins code worked for me except now it’s in my inventory and I’m not a member so I can’t access it or use it any way. 🙁

    • Hi!
      I have a way you can use that animal!
      So you need 2 land animals( NO ANIMALS THAT CAN GO UNDERWATER). You already entered the code so you have completed a step! Next, you change into any of the two land animals you chose. You click on the world map and go to any of the underwater lands. If you have done the first four steps right you should be a penguin in the underwater land!
      After that, you click on Jamaa Township and then you’re still the penguin!
      You now have technically 3 animal slots!

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