Coral Canyons Journey Book Cheats – Animal Jam

This guide will show you how to complete the Coral Canyons Journey Book.  Some animals may take a few seconds to appear.



Cardinal: The cardinal lands on the tree branch to the left of the Coral Canyons bridge.


Coyote: The coyote cane be seen far in the distance to the left of the Coral Canyons bridge.


Dandelion: The dandelion is found to the right of the waterfall on the stairs.


Gila Monster: The gila monster crawls out of a plant to the right of the Art Studio door.


Honeybee: The honeybee hive is hanging from a tree above the Best Dressed game.


Peregrine Falcon: The peregrine falcon is flying in the distance to the right of the kitten pet finder.


Rattlesnake: The rattlesnake crawls out of the cactus to the right of the Best Dressed game.


Saguaro Cactus: The saguaro cactus is located at the bottom of the waterfall in Coral Canyons.


Scorpion: You’ll find the scorpion by the purple bush near the hamster pet finder.


Tarantula: The tarantula is crawling near a cactus to the left of the small bridge by the waterfall.


Woodchuck: The woodchuck comes out near the cactus up the hill from the scorpion.


After you find all of these items, you get a Cactus Chair as a prize!



  1. Oh thank you very much for this…..keep on because Animal Jam has made it too difficult thank you very muck

  2. Why isn’t it letting me click on the bird in the distance? I’ve been trying for half an hour and it’s still not working.

    • You’re clicking the wrong falcon, bud’. Go to the cat watcher to the right of the bridge. You have to wait there, I suggest being a flying animal, until a fully colored falcon flies by.

  3. I cant find the scorpian or eagle

  4. ty this helps alot

  5. how can i get the gift in coral canyons?

  6. thank you!

  7. thanks so much

  8. I can’t tap the peregrine falcon, It just moves my animal and it doesn’t work. And yes, I am next to the cats.

    • To the RIGHT of the pet finder. I was confused too at first, but it’s an entirely different bird.

      You’ll find it right above the wild explorers store.

  9. I can’t tap the eagle I clicked alot but no responce!!!!!!!

  10. ok, its next to the cats. thats the eagle

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