Cotton Candy Machine Cheats for Animal Jam


The Cotton Candy Machine is found at the Animal Jam Summer Carnival.  It’s not much of a game, more of a customization process like the Hot Cocoa Machine.  First you choose which color cone you want.


Then you choose which flavor of cotton candy you want.


Last, you use your cone to scoop up the cotton candy from the machine.


After that, you’re done!  You have your very own cotton candy that you can take with you.


  1. Rainbow: Lightning cone, then blue, yellow, and pink
    Star: Star cone, the yellow times three

  2. There is a normal star but then there’s do you make it?

  3. Trytl this,
    Choose the yellow or gold cone then black white black you will get phantom king!!

  4. its depends on the cone type too -xsugakookiezx

  5. I have a cotton candy machine den item how much is it worth?

  6. Is there anything other than the phantom? Everything seems to be outdated 😛

  7. Rainbow-
    Blue, white, pink

    White, blue

    Yellow, yellow, yellow

    Pink, pink, pink

    Black, white, black

    I hope this helps!

    • Other than the phantom one, that’s only for play wild…

    • the rainbow on did not work

    • On PC, it’s actually…
      blue cone – blue, yellow, pink
      blue cone – white, blue, white
      yellow cone – yellow, yellow, yellow
      white cone – white, orange, yellow
      Normal Phantom
      any cone except yellow – black, white, black
      King Phantom
      yellow cone – black, white, black
      yellow cone – yellow, orange, orange
      pink cone – pink, pink, pink

    • which cone?

    • I know to do the King Phantom

    • how exactly do you do the moon one? which cone should i use and which other colour?

      • you use the light blue and white so first u use the lightning cone and then you do white then blue then white.

  8. There’s also a rainbow cotton candy on at wild. Put on blue, then yellow, then pink.

  9. are there any more than the phantom candyfloss that make things like animals

  10. I had a candyfloss that was pink,then red,then white.

  11. If you are wondering how to make the phantom cotton candy or any other layered cotton candy here are a few tips,
    Pick the white cone, it goes with whatever cotton candy you chose,
    To layer you have to put all of the cotton candy on the cone and then do the next color.
    Do do the phantom candy what you do is choose a white cone (it goes best) then choose the black floss. Put all of the floss on the cone and then once the metal drum is empty then select the white, collect all the floss and then do the same for the black. It will take a bit to register but afterwards you will have a really cool design!

  12. last time i went there i gots a phantom cotton candy phantom u have 2 use blak r white and get it at da end

  13. I luved the summer carnival!
    Did anyone know that you can make a phantom candy floss thingy?~Pattern black then white then black again


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