Cougars Coming Soon & Lucky Day Celebrations!

March just started yesterday so it’s another big week of news in the Jamaa Journal.  Let’s see what kind of Lucky Day celebrations are happening this year!

2017 has been a big year so far for member benefits.  Members can now keep 1000 accessories and items in their inventory, that’s quite a few!  But with all of the new items that are being released it makes sense to add more room.

Lucky Day happens during March every year and to celebrate AJHQ usually releases a bunch of new items.  First up this year is the Lucky Castle.  You can make your den look just like a castle, complete with a rainbow slide into a pot of gold.  It doesn’t get much luckier than that!  The Lucky Castle is now available for purchase at the Diamond Shop.

The next exciting news is that there’s a brand new Clover Armor set to help you get in the Lucky Day spirit!  I can’t wait to go get one and I’ll be making a post about it right after I do!

Pi Day is on March 14th because the abbrevation 3/14 is the same as Pi which equals 3.14.  There will some limited den items available only for Pi Day so make sure you log in to get them.

AJHQ has been improving the chat system in Animal Jam and I think they’ve done a great job so far.  Now if you type an unapproved red word in chat you can keep typing then go back and change it.  It was so annoying getting stopped by the red words before so I’m really happy with this change!

Now for the biggest announcement in this weeks Jamaa Journal…Cougars are coming to Jamaa!!  That’s right, another big cat will be joining the crew of animals.  Those of you who noticed the paw prints and scratches were onto something.  We knew it would be a big cat but I had no idea it would be a cougar!  I’m so excited to see them when they arrive!

There’s also a new adventure called Lucky Clovers, available for all Jammers.  In this adventure you’ll search for hidden clovers and earn rare treasures while you’re at it!

Last but not least, Eagles will now be traveling so hopefully you got one in time!  I don’t know how long they’ll be gone for, I wonder if there will be a new flying animal in Jamaa when they return?  Be sure to check out the Lucky Party and celebrate with other Jammers!

That’s all for now, check back soon for more updates!

  1. Hey, So Everyone In AJ Is In The Diamond Shop. Are The Cougars Being Released Their?

  2. when are cougars coming

  3. When exactly will the cougars be availible?

  4. Hey, when are the cougars coming to aj so that i know?!

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