Animal Jam Covered in Crystals Bundle

Every now and again, AJHQ releases special bundles in Animal Jam. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Covered in Crystals Bundle. As the name already suggests, the theme of this particular bundle, and its contents, is Crystals. The bundle contains Clothing and Den Items, as well as a Pet and Animal. If you like the way that Crystals look, this bundle is just for you.

The Covered in Crystals Bundle was first announced on June 1, 2018. There was a post in the Jamaa Journal that showcased what the bundle was all about. The bundle was available in the game between June 1 and June 30, 2018. It was rewarded to Animal Jam players that bought a membership through the Animal Jam Website during the entire month of June. This means that if you haven’t bought a membership during that time period, that you no longer get the bundle.

Animal Jam Covered in Crystals Bundle Items

The Covered in Crystals Bundle contains many amazing items, as well as a pet and animal. The cover in the Jamaa Journal already states that the bundle contains the Hyena and Pet Hyena. These are amazing rewards, especially when you consider that you get clothing items as well!

Since the theme of the bundle is Crystals, every clothing and den item in it are covered in them. You get a full set of matching clothing items; the Crystal Top Hat, Crystal Spiked Collar, Crystal Bow and Arrows, Crystal Glove and Crystal Skullys. You can see what those items look like in the pictures below.


Besides the clothing items, you also receive a whole bunch of den items. These will allow you to covered your own den in crystals, and will definitely amaze your visitors. The den items are too many to name, but the pictures below show you what they look like.


How to Get the Covered in Crystals Bundle

The only way you could have obtained the Covered in Crystals Bundle was by purchasing an AJ membership through the official Animal Jam membership website. Players that already had a membership could simply extend it by at least a month, in order to receive the bundle as well.

However, the Covered in Crystals Bundle was only given out as a reward during the month of June, 2018. Since we are already in October now, you will no longer receive this bundle.


The only way to obtain the items of this bundle now is by trading. The first thing you should do to increase your chances is to go to a crowded location in Jamaa. Your best bet would be to go to the Jamaa Township. Especially the Diamond Shop seems to be a popular location among the traders of Animal Jam.

Keep in mind that the items in the Covered in Crystals Bundle are pretty exclusive. Obtaining any of the items will not come cheap, as you will have to offer valuable items of your own. In the end, it is up to yourself if you think the trades are worth it or not.

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