Crystal Pegasus Armor

In early 2018 we began seeing Jammers wearing new, never before seen pieces of armor.  It turns out these were pieces from the Crystal Pegasus armor set.  Many Jammers were confused how to get this new armor since it wasn’t for sale anywhere in the game.  Let’s see what this new armor set is like!

Now first for the bad news.  Unlike most other Animal Jam armor, the Crystal Pegasus armor cannot be purchased from any shop in the game.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a member or a non-member, you won’t be able to buy it using diamonds or gems.

The good news is that even if you’re a non-member, you can still get the crystal pegasus armor!  How is that possible?  Well the pieces of crystal pegasus armor can be unlocked by purchasing Animal Jam Gem Squad figurines!

We’ll go into more detail about how to get this new armor set shortly, but first let’s see some more details about it.  There are 4 different pieces of armor in the Crystal Pegasus set: a horn, wings, gauntlets, and a tail.  Each piece of crystal pegasus armor comes in 4 different colors which makes for 16 different pieces total.

Pictured below are the different pieces of crystal pegasus armor in each of the different colors: white, black, pink and blue.  Credit to the Animal Jam Wiki for the pictures.

Crystal Pegasus Horn

Crystal Pegasus Wings

Crystal Pegasus Tail

Crystal Pegasus Gauntlets

The Crystal Pegasus armor set seems to be sweeping Jamaa by storm and has quickly become one of the most wanted armor sets.  The question most Jammers are wondering is how do I get the crystal pegasus armor set?  Well we’re here to help!

How to Get Crystal Pegasus Armor

Like I said before, this armor set is not sold anywhere in Jamaa – it can’t be purchased with gems or diamonds.  The crystal pegasus armor pieces can only be gotten by purchasing Animal Jam Gem Squad figurines.  Each Gem Squad figure comes with an exclusive one-time use code that unlocks one piece of crystal pegasus armor.

The code that comes with each figure is random so you don’t know which piece you’ll get!  I think the Gem Squad figures are really cool and it’s awesome that you can unlock exclusive armor too.  The other awesome thing is that non-members can get the crystal pegasus armor too!

The Gem Squad toys have become a bit more difficult to find since they first came out.  I’ve seen them on Amazon at certain times and sometimes other retailers like Target or Walmart might have them.  Hopefully AJHQ releases more of them in the near future.  If you’re on the hunt for these toys, look for the gem-shaped packaging!

Crystal Pegasus Armor Trades

If you’re having a hard time finding the Gem Squad toys, don’t worry!  There’s still another way you can get your hands on this exclusive armor – trade with other Jammers.  I know there are some Jammers out there with pieces of crystal pegasus armor that they want to trade.

As always, only use the safe Animal Jam trading system in the game to do trades.  And be prepared to trade some good items for this armor because it’s not easy to get in the first place!

Any Jammers who are looking for Crystal Pegasus armor feel free to post in the comments below with what you are willing to trade to get it.  If you have crystal pegasus armor to trade, post what items you’re looking for in exchange!  Hopefully this page will help more Jammers get their very own pieces from this set.  Which color do you want the most?

  1. plz if willing plz trade me any color of wings except pink (but if thats wut u only hv then ok) user is santina0315

  2. I realy want wings or shoes any color if I coughld coose pink ima trade a worn spiked wrist and a masterpiece that says live learn love jag if deal im iloveanimals5000

  3. hi my user is aria faith and can somone trade me peg set pls i been wanting them

  4. Are u guys even rare? 😛 anyway trd me some my user is 0celot (with a zero) on ajpw

  5. i want the ice den that comes with a goat and goat den items and it is December 1st and it still has not came out yet and it has npt came yet so please help me!!! Ps my username is mk09178😊

  6. i will trade blue cupids and a black straw hat for peg shoes. also jag me if you have any other peg piece ft. or if u have a sheepcloak, peaacock feathers,
    or black candycane socks ft! my user is explodingkitten808


  7. Will you please try me crystal Pegasus set my user is stellarluna164

  8. Please trade me Pegusus wings for Shaggy Hair!!!! Please!!! My user is Animalgirl101ya

  9. Please trade me crystal pegasus Tail armor my user : Dark pardz or cragger000

  10. i have pick gauntlets if anyone wants them manymade is my username

  11. i want gaunlets i never have anything. user:melissayay6 ill trade my unicorn horn in extange PLEASE

  12. Please trade me Crystal Pegasus wings, crystal tail, and horn for my monster hat and cryo set! My username is animallover 68904 Thank you!

  13. I’m looking for a full grey or white set my username is arcticwolfee10805 and just post on my wall if u have a set for trade! we can negociate

  14. please trade me a pegasus armour full set. i will trade it for a red flower crown. my user is jammerhu12

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