Crystal Sands Secrets & Guide – Animal Jam

Crystal Sands is a sandy beach area located at the lower right side of the Jamaa map near the ocean areas.


This area is a great party place and even has a few different waterslides to play on.


Crystal Sands Journey Book Cheats Guide


Waterslides: The first thing you’ll notice at Crystal Sands are the waterslides.  Climb up to the top of the area and slide down on these twisty fun slides.


Captain Melville’s Juice Hut: The juice hut is a great place for partying with juice bar and a stage.  Come in and party with other Jammers and play games.


Tierney’s Aquarium: Tierney’s Aquarium is a neat attraction where you can observe fish in the aquarium and match movies too.  There are also lots of gadgets you can play with and even a touch pool where you can play with sea animals.



Overflow: Arrange the trench pieces to reach the castle.  Click on them to rotate.  The longer the pathway, the more gems you win.

Touch Pool: Hold your mouse over animals to collect them.  Move slowly so you don’t scare them away.

Smoothie Machine: Choose your smoothie flavor and then catch the correct fruits to make it.

Double Up:  This is a matching memory game.  Click on the empty holes to match two similar animals.

Pet Wash: Click on the water tap, then choose from four different shampoos.  Then choose red, yellow, or green and click the handle.  Pick which color towel you want last.


  1. If u go in the pool with the treasure chest u enter the oceans 🙂

  2. How do you make a blog? LOVE your blog btw, but it’s a bit old school New Jammer…. HOW DO U MAKE A BLOG?!?!

    • Thanks! You can make your own for free at Good luck!

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