Cyber-Stalking Facts You Need to Know

Animal Jam makes every attempt through various moderation techniques and filters to make the game as safe as possible for the children playing the game, which includes trying to prevent cyber-stalking but this can still happen from time to time. As a parent of someone playing Animal Jam or as the child playing the game, it is important to know what cyber-stalking is so that if you find it happening you can report it immediately to the staff at Animal Jam. Some people, especially children, might not know or understand cyber-stalking, so here are some basic facts about cyber-stalking, and how it can affect you if you do not stop it right away.

When you use the internet to stalk someone, this is called cyber-stalking, and it can happen through various online methods such as email, instant message, forums, and in-game chats. Cyber-stalking can end up turning into a real life stalking situation, but the difference between stalking and cyber-stalking is that the crime is first committed online using electronic communications. Cyber-stalking could also be someone threatening or harassing you through their own personal website or blog, and it can happen no matter how much or how little personal information that you have given out over Animal Jam.

A victim of cyber-stalking will have a fear of the perpetrator, including fear of bodily harm or injury. The victim might also fear death as a result of the cyber-stalking, and it could even extend into fears of family members being injured by the perpetrator as well. Most online games, such as Animal Jam, save your personal information for a specific amount of time just in case a situation like this happens, so make sure that you report any cyber-stalking immediately to the Animal Jam staff so that they can ban the player responsible. In some cases, especially when there are threats on your life or the life of your child, you need to notify law enforcement immediately, and then let them handle the case from there.

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