Dash Tag – New Animal Jam App BETA!

Dash Tag is a new game that is currently in beta and it comes from WildWorks, which is the developer behind the hit game Animal Jam. In Dash Tag, you can slide, run, and jump through the various environments and landscapes in the game.

This is a free-to-play game developed for mobile devices and it is categorized as an endless runner game with a ton of pets that you can collect. We have been checking out Dash Tag and wanted to give you a run down on our initial impressions of the game as. There is also some information about the game itself we can give you too.

How to Download Dash Tag Beta

At the time of writing this article, Dash Tag is still in beta testing mode.  The app is currently only available for Android users in Canada.  Canadian Jammers can download Dash Tag from the Google Play store for free.

Whenever AJHQ is working on a new app, they usually only release it to a smaller area before making it available for everyone.  You must have a Canadian app store account to download Dash Tag.  Click the icon below to go to the Play Store and download Dash Tag!

Dash Tag Game Overview

This game will remind you a lot of Animal Jam in terms of the many different pets and animals you can collect in this game. Since Dash Tag is developed by the same company that published Animal Jam, the similarities should definitely not be too surprising.  I don’t have access to the app so credit to Youtube user Yunzil for the screenshots!

In this game, you are able to complete missions daily and collect a lot of cool rewards for completing those missions. There are several types of pets you can collect in this game, and you can play as all of these pets you collect.

The main premise of Dash Tag is that you are trying to escape your babysitter, Misha, and you need to keep running and jumping to make your big escape. You have the ability to unlock various outfits, stats, and even power-ups. There are even pet cars in Dash Tag and this is how you can quickly get through each of the levels.

In this game, you have emeralds which are the premium currency, and the coins are the standard currency of the game. You will need to collect both coins and emeralds in order to purchase the upgrades and various power-ups available.

Review of Dash Tag Beta

I can tell you based off of my first impression of this game that it is definitely going to be a very fun game. There are a lot of obstacles in your way as you try to go through the levels, with coins lined up that you can collect along your route. The soundtrack to Dash Tag is pretty nice too, with it not being annoying or distracting to your game play.

When you look at the graphics, it looks very smooth and the details on the animals are really good. Another thing with the animals is that you do notice some of the Animal Jam designs and details when you begin playing. It is very easy to jump, run, slide, and even control the pet cars. You can easily see how many points you have and how many coins you have collected right at the top of the screen too.

The only negative thing that I have to say about the game up to this point is that it is pretty buggy and there are some glitches involved. This is the beta of the game, so these issues are to be expected. I am sure that the glitches will get worked out before Dash Tag gets out of beta.

For example, you will try to tag a pet and it will not let you. Other times, you go to move right or left and the controls do not work quite as well as they should. Other than these small glitches in the game, I have found it to be a great endless runner game with a mix between Animal Jam and Subway Surfers.

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