Dash Tag Cheats & Tips

Dash Tag has a lot of nice tips and tricks that you can utilize to try and get a higher score. The first big tip I would give to a new player is to make sure you take your time and learn the basic controls of the game. There are really only four movements that you can use in the game, and they are swiping left, right, up, or down.

Obviously, swiping up will jump, down will duck, left will move you left, and right will move you right. Now, not only is it important to really understand the controls, but understand how long it takes to do a jump, and how long you are in the air for. By knowing this and mastering the controls, you will be able to make your moves more precise and be able to last longer which is the goal of the game.

Also, since the paths are completely random, you will have to improvise and decide which is the best path to take, so you will have to make decisions on the fly. There will never be just one way of moving through the course, you might be able to jump over an obstacle, or move to the side to avoid it completely. It is up to you to decide which movements you are more comfortable with, and which movement you think will result in the least chance of you failing.

Cheats for Dash Tag

Once you have your movement down, I would suggest playing to get the most coins you can. When you are on the path, you will see coins and other kinds of collectibles. You should most definitely prioritize the coins, but over the coins you should prioritize gems and keys. Coins will ultimately allow you to unlock new animals, upgrade your animals, and make them more aesthetically pleasing. At the end of each run, you will see what your high score is, and part of the high score is the amount of coins that you earned from a single run.

By playing to get the most coins, you will make progress into the game and ultimately be able to unlock more things. You will also notice that occasionally, as you are running through the course, you will see new animals on the course. You will be able to capture them by chasing them and following their paths exactly, and tapping on them when the indicator flashes above their heads. Dash Tag gets its name from this sequence of cat and mouse where you must dash along the path and tag the animals that you see.

Another huge tip for new players is to save up your coins. For a lot of people, myself included, you may want to spend your currencies as soon as you acquire them to get that sense of progress. Although it may be satisfying to do so, it is ultimately not going to progress you any further through your collections.  My tip would be to save up all of your resources, and wait for special events to purchase things when they are on sale.

You would be surprised, but Dash Tag will often run specials when you can acquire certain animals through the game, and some animals will become discounted as others are released. Another big reason to save up on your currencies is because you will be able to upgrade any animal that you like when you unlock them. So although you may be able to upgrade your very first animal, odds are, that you will unlock something even better as you play through the game.

Dash Tag will often run special missions and login events and I recommend that players take advantage of these. Every day, you can get new quests which will give you the chance to win prizes. These prizes can range from small amounts of currency, to a special animal that is rare and exclusive. Obviously, I think that if you are trying to unlock everything, you should be doing these missions. They take relatively small amounts of time, and give you a reason to log into the game and play it for a while. The missions range from something super simple like play a game, to more time consuming activities like earn X amount of coins in a run.

Dash Tag also has social media connectivity which will allow you to compete with your friends on a leaderboard. I definitely recommend taking advantage of these features as they will give you something to play for. Playing solely against yourself can sometimes become a little bit boring, so having that leaderboard will allow you to play against your friends. You also get a big bonus for connecting your social media account to the game, which will inevitably help you unlock more animals and allow you to expand your collection.

  1. Nice game super game

  2. I wish when u caught an animal it had a code on it then u would type the code into an redeem codes and
    u would get that pet… or something like that.

  3. i wish there was codes for dis

  4. my fav is coco

  5. How do you get new pets? I have gotten a ridiculous amount of duplicates and haven’t gotten any new pets in a long time.

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