Day of Jamaaliday

Merry Christmas everyone! The big day is finally here! Animal Jam did NOT disappoint today! There isn’t much to catch up on, but today’s gift is definitely one for the trade books.





Gift 24


These beautiful Gingerbread Wings come in all different colors! They are very detailed and quite the eye catching accessory! I absolutely love this, as well as many other jammers! I would snag way more than one if I were you! This gift is totally on the top 10 for best gifts this month.


Winter New 2

Some new additions in the store today as well! The Jamaalidays just aren’t complete without gifts! Get this HUGE gift pile for 550 gems today to make your home the cheeriest around! Let’s not forget those pesky phantoms! Don’t worry, for 400 gems, they’ll make evil look way more festive. That’s all for now, enjoy your Christmas and Holidays!

Comment below what you think, and how your Jamaaliday season was this year! I can’t wait to read them all!


  1. I searched it up

  2. Btw that account is non member

  3. Commander snowclaw I have three accounts so I might have extra wings for u

  4. I missed logging on that day 🙁 darn it. Also, do you know which day the Gingerbread Top-hat came out? Because I’ve been seeing a lot of those lately around Jamaa.

  5. Hey can I be an author at animal jam world

  6. im giving away an member account it is every member animal and 5 different headdress 2 of each! account is… user: Doctor6259

    pass: 6259Doctor

  7. ????

  8. oh man i missed this gift is there any other way to get it becauz no one is trading it to me

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