December 2016 New Animal Jam Code

Hey Jammers!  The Jamaalidays are now in full swing.  I hope you’ve been logging in to get your free diamonds every other day, don’t miss out!

Animal Jam usually releases at least one new code every month and December is no exception.  This month’s code is another one that was shown to me by one of our readers lilyandemma8 so thanks for sharing!


This new code for December 2016 will give you 500 gems when you use it.  The codes is:

gifts – 500 gems

Some of you may remember this code from last year’s Jamaalidays.  Well it’s back and working again this year!  If you’ve been short on gems and waiting to do some Jamaaliday shopping, this code should help you out.

Thanks again to all of the readers who share their codes on my site, there’s no way I could find them all without you.  Remember, we don’t actually make the codes, AJHQ does.  All we’re doing is finding them and posting them so everyone gets a chance to use them!

For a full list of working Animal Jam codes, click here.

The list of codes has been updated for this month and can be found at the link above.  Hopefully they will be generous and put out some more codes before this year ends.

If you know of any more Animal Jam codes please comment here or on the codes page.  After I test the code to make sure it works, I’ll add it to the list and give you credit for finding it!

Thanks everyone for reading and I hope you’re having a great Jamaaliday season so far.

  1. Code does not work.

  2. I really need diamonds

  3. i dont care i just want beta day
    to come back thats it

    • When is Beta Days coming?I think ajhq should make a day with everything that was in the beta’s exactly the same for members and non members and Have spikes to exactly the same lol.

  4. they have released the lynx and will not update about it until 12/30/2016

  5. i think so

  6. i think a code should be jammalidays2016 or something like that

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