December Updates – Jamaaliday 2017

Hello Jammers!  It’s been a busy year and we’ve just reached the final month of 2017.  Those of you who are new to Animal Jam will be excited to hear about all of the festivities coming to Jamaa this December.  This holiday celebration is called the Jamaalidays and lasts all month long!  Time to see what’s in store for this year.

AJHQ has really been on a roll lately because there’s another new Animal Jam adventure this month – The Mystery Below.  This time Cosmo and Graham need your help to explore the second portal opening.  Check back soon for a full walkthrough guide!

Every year for the entire month of December, all Jammers receive a Jamaaliday gift every day they log in.  Some of the gifts even come with diamonds so make sure you log in every day in December!

The Alphas are even celebrating the Jamaalidays with some special edition Alpha Armor.  Find out more at the Alpha Headquarters!

There’s also a special Jamaaliday member bundle this year.  This is the biggest membership bonus I’ve ever seen!  I luckily need to renew my membership this month so I will report back with all of the cool stuff it comes with.

If you really want to get into the Jamaaliday spirit, I can’t think of a better way than with a Jamaaliday House.  This gingerbread cookie house is available at the Diamond Shop and can transform your den into a really “sweet” holiday home :p

Deer are back just in time for the Jamaalidays.  And it’s only 1000 gems to buy one from now until the end of the season!  But not everyone is so excited about the holiday season, the phantoms are back and trying to steal everyone’s presents.  It’s up to you to help stop them in the Jamaalidays Rescue adventure!

The Jamaaliday Jam party has also returned to Jamaa.  Put on your warm clothes and grab a cup of hot coco at this winter party.  While you’re at the Jamaaliday Jam, you can try to resist adopting a pet reindeer, but I doubt it will work.  These cute little pets are available only at the party!

Ever wish you could have more Animal Jam with you anywhere you go?  Well AJHQ has been working hard on a new line of clothing and accessories just for Jammers – in real life.  More details soon to come!

Thanks for reading the first round of Jamaaliday updates.  Check back soon for more.  I finally have some time off so lots of updating to do!

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR, Y’ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i stayed up to watch the ball drop for the first time!!!!!!

  2. hi po plss give me 10000 diamond and key membership thanks

    • I don’t think they can give you a membership. First, it cost a lot. And second, not many people are going to give away a membership that they are spending money on. Sorry, but I doubt that you’ll get that membership from them…

  3. hey animal jam…i would really like to find a way to help you guys in exchange for a membership…thanks!

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