In Too Deep Adventure Guide & Cheats

In Too Deep is the second ocean Animal Jam adventure.  In this adventure you’ll have to enter and explore the Phantom Factory to stop the Phantoms from polluting the ocean!


Talk to Liza. She’ll tell you that the entrance to the Phantom Factory is located below you. The phantoms are using the factory to pollute the ocean so you must find a way to stop them!

Swim over to the front of the whale. You’ll find an open clam full of whirlpearls. Whirlpearls work just like boomseeds do, just click and drag them onto objects or phantoms that you want to destroy.

Use a whirlpearl to clear this entrance.

Go through the entrance and you’ll find a few phantoms. You need to defeat all of them to find the valve.

Pick up the valve and put it on the pipe. Use your swirl move to turn off the phantom pipe.

You’ll find 4 sharks trapped in bubbles. Find the four keys to unlock their cages.

The phantom keys are scattered all over the Deep Blue so you’ll have to swim around and use the currents to find all four of them. Here is a picture of the map to help give you an idea where they are!

Once you rescue the 4 sharks, swirl with them above the phantom hatch to open it.

Swim down and to the left and you’ll find the Phantom machine. Find the stop valve on the machine and swirl above it to expose the phantom machine’s weakness.

Swim over to the red button and click it as many times as you can before the phantom can close the cover.

Keep swimming downward and you’ll find two more of these Phantom Factory machines. Destroy each one the same way you did the first.

After you destroy the third Phantom machine, swim down and you’ll hear Tavie the dolphin Alpha stuck in the pipe.

Swim down thru the pipe to exit the Phantom Factory. Talk to Liza when you get to the surface and she will thank you for your help.

Great job!  Next adventure you’ll have to find a way to rescue Tavie!

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