Deep Blue Journey Book Cheats – Animal Jam

This guide will show you how to complete the Deep Blue Journey Book in Animal Jam.  Note that some animals may take time to appear.


Anglerfish: The anglerfish can be seen swimming back and forth under the giant isopod.


Coelacanth: This fish can be seen swimming near the Bahari Bay sign.


Fangtooth: The fangtooth swims along the ocean floor.


Frogfish: The frogfish is swimming back and forth under the Crystal Reef sign.


Giant Isopod: The giant isopod can be seen crawling to the left of the Kani Cove sign.


Giant Squid: The giant squid can bes seen swimming across the screen near the Kani Cove sign.


Gulper Eel: The gulper eel appears from the left side on the very bottom of the Deep Blue area.

gulper eel

Hatchetfish: Found swimming across the screen near the Kani Cove sign.


Oarfish: Look for the oarfish in the open area above the Kani Cove entrance.


Viperfish: You can find the viperfish swimming near the Phantom’s treasure game.


After you complete you complete the Deep Blue Journey Book, you receive a Porthole Fish Tank.


  1. Where isopod???????

  2. that was easy

  3. the giant isopod is not by the sign it is under the archway by the shop

  4. I can’t find the Coelacanth I’m in the right spot I jut don’t see it. Can someone please help?

    • It appears; you just have to wait a while, and its a bit faint!

  5. I can’t find the Giant Isopod, please help. Also, make a journey book for the other alpha journeys. Thank you, I appreciate your page! 😀 Add my animal jam user: Luckyyyyyyyx

    thats luck with 7 ys and an x

    🙂 <3

  6. cool

  7. i can not find the fang tooth

  8. I cant find the viperfish or the gulper eel!

  9. wheres the Fang tooth please help

  10. The Gulper Eel swims right in front of the Den shop at the bottom but be patient 😉

  11. I have found the animals >:3

  12. I cant find the viperfish! I am in the right spot but i only see the anglar fish. HELP!!!!!!

  13. i can’t find the gulper eel or the giant isapod!

  14. i will never do this again cause the animals are creepy! btw thx for helping

  15. I couldn’t find the Gulper Eel. Help?

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