Deep Blue Secrets & Guide – Animal Jam

Deep Blue is located at the very bottom of the ocean areas on the map.


Deep Blue is supposed to be like the deepest parts of the ocean.  Jammers will find some strange ocean creatures in the depths of this area.


Deep Blue Journey Book Cheats Guide


Ocean Floor: Swim all the way to the bottom of Deep Blue to get to the ocean floor.  This is where you’ll find the strange fish and other creatures living in the deep.  Also be sure to check out the crack in the ocean floor.



Phantom’s Treasure: Click on all of the hidden objects in the photo to earn points.  Be careful not to click on the wrong items.  You can use hints if you are stuck.

  1. How do you get there

    • Go on the world map. Click on “deep blue” at the bottom right of the map. You can only visit if you are an aquatic animal.

  2. The lava crack is shaped like Mira… Look at the map.

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