Deer Have Returned to Jamaa & Other News!

Hey everyone!  The Jamaalidays have been going on for about a week now and there’s a ton of new stuff that has come with them!  Let’s get into this week’s Jamaa news.

The first thing on the Jamaa Journal is that the Jamaaliday House is available at the Diamond Shop!  Who wouldn’t want to live in a gingerbread house during the Jamaalidays?!


The next exciting bit of news is that there’s a new Animal Jam Adventure for the Jamaalidays.  It’s called Jamaaliday Rescue and it’s available for all Jammers to play!

In this adventure, it’s up to you to figure out where the phantoms have hidden the presents in the Ice Labyrinth.  Get your bravest group of Jammers friends and go save the Jamaalidays!


To celebrate the 2015 Jamaalidays, Deer have returned to Animal Jam!  Deer are available for members only but they only cost 1000 gems.

If you need some extra gems to buy a Deer, head on over to our Animal Jam codes page to find some gem codes!  I’ll see if I can find any deer codes for non-members too.


Be sure to sign in to Animal Jam every day in December to receive your daily Jamaaliday gifts!  Not only do you get a free gift every day, but ALL JAMMERS will get a diamond on special days during the Jamaalidays.  Check out the 2015 Jamaaliday Gift Calendar to see what days!


And what would the Jamaalidays be without pet reindeer?  Get yours during the Jamaalidays to have them follow you around during the cold winter!

Have you ever missed out on a Jamaaliday gift that you wanted really bad?  Well here’s your chance to get them!  Gifts of Jamaalidays past are now available to buy for one diamond each!


With all the exciting news for the holidays, we can’t forget about the new Arctic Foxes!  If you haven’t gotten yours yet, be sure to stop by the Diamond Shop or check out our Arctic Fox codes.


Last but not least, they’re still giving away a free Polar Bear with the purchase of any Animal Jam gift card.  You must purchase an actual gift card to get the free polar bear.  If you were thinking about buying a membership anyways, then now is the time!


Stay tuned for more Animal Jam news over the Jamaalidays!


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