How To Delete Your Animal Jam Account

While you can disable a player account through the Parent Dashboard, there is also an option to delete the player account. Disabling means that the player will not be able to play Animal Jam and cannot login to the game, but deleting the player account is a little different.

If you delete the player account then all of the information with that player account is deleted, and this means that in-game animals, diamonds, gems, pets, items, and dens are all gone forever. These items will never come back once deleted, so make sure you really want to delete the player account before you do because it cannot be reversed and it’s permanent. You should only delete the player account if you are sure you are ready to do so, but if you are looking to just punish your child, then just disabling the account is the best option. If you disable, you can go back in and reable the player account later on when you are ready, or you can disable first to ensure that you are thinking it through before you really delete the player account.

If you want to really delete the Animal Jam player account, you need to email and you need to send in information. You need to send in the Animal Jam player account username, the parent email address, and the Animal Jam transaction ID if you have an Animal Jam membership. There might be more information needed from you as well, and if that happens, you will get an email from Animal Jam requesting more information, and then you need to provide that information in order to complete the deletion process.

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