Animal Jam Den & Playset Toys

Jammers that enjoy playing with dollhouse toys will definitely like the different den and playset toys. The den toys consist of houses that look similar to the dens that you find in Animal Jam. In total, there are five different den toys. A single set comes with a den/house, an animal figure, a few accessories for that animal figure and three pieces of furniture. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the different den toys and playset toys, and check out what they look like.

Animal Jam Den Toy Sets

As mentioned above, there are a total of five different sets of den toys. Each of them come with a den, a three inch animal figure, three pieces of furniture for your den and two accessories for your animal figure. The accessories are interchangeable, which means that you can put them into the animal figures of the other den toy sets as well. On top of all of this, you will also get a redeemable code, which will reward you with an exclusive in-game item.

Princess Castle Den

The Princess Castle Den is a dream for any child that would like to play as a princess. The den is mostly pink and purple, and will definitely remind you of a room in a palace. This set comes with the Fancy Fox animal figure, and furniture that matches the den. When you redeem the code, you will receive the Princess Chaise Lounge, Princess Ottoman and Princess Sofa items.

Small House Den

The Small House Den looks exactly as you would expect; a small and cozy house. The roof has orange tiles, and inside the house, there are wood frames and a stone floor. This set comes with the Winged Deer animal figure, as well as three pieces of furniture for your den. Redeeming the code will reward you with the Expanding Wood Table, Wood Framed Couch and Comfy Wood Chair.

Crystal Palace Den

The Crystal Palace Den almost looks like a den made out of ice. It is mostly blue, with some nice arches on the roof. It also has a blue arch for a door, and a blue floor. This set comes with the Arctic Fox animal figure, as well as matching furniture. Upon redeeming the code, you will get the Epic Crystal Ball, Crystal Mira Statue and Crystal Tree in-game items.

Snow Fort Den

The Snow Fort is for Jammers that want to see what it feels like to live in an igloo. It is made out of slabs of snow and ice, and belongs to the Snow Leopard, which comes with the den. You will also get matching furniture for your Snow Fort Den. The redeemable code will reward you with the Zios Snow Sculpture, Snow Fort Catapult and Snow Fort Throne in-game items.

Friendship Cottage Den

The Friendship Cottage Den is the last den of the collection. It is mostly pink on the outside and inside, but has several red hearts on the walls, as well as red roses. The theme of this den is friendship and love. The Friendship Cottage Den comes with the Fairy Cutepeach animal figure, as well as a pet figure. You will also receive a Heart Ottoman, Heart Couch and Hanging Heart Lamp as in-game items after redeeming the special code.

Club Geoz Playset

The Club Geoz Playset is similar to the dens mentioned above, and is based on the Club Geoz location in the game. The cool thing about this playset is that it comes with a working LED spotlight, which lights up the club, as well as a spinning disco ball. The playset also has sounds, allowing you to feel like you are actually in the club.

The Club Geoz Playset comes with an animal figure, the Diamond Arctic Wolf in this case. There is also a redeemable code in the set, which will reward you with the Neon Dance Floor, Club Geoz Music and 2 Week of Membership upon redeeming it.

Dress Up Closet Toy

Lastly, there is the Dress Up Closet set. It comes with a giraffe animal figure, with accessories to dress up that giraffe, and a pet. The set resembles a closet, with drawers and doors that can be opened, and used as storage. It also has a handle, allowing you to easily carry the set around. It also has an exclusive code for the Elegant Vanity in-game item.

Where to Buy Animal Jam Den & Playset Toys

Currently, all of the den collections, as well as the Club Geoz playset and Dress Up closet, are sold on Amazon. Their prices vary between $14 and $18 for the den collections, and $20 to $30 for the Club Geoz playset and Dress Up closet. It depends if Amazon has the toys on stock, or if  you have to purchase it through a 3rd party seller.

I have also seen some of the toys available on the Target and Walmart websites. If you are not having any luck on these websites, make sure to check out the EBay listings.

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