Did You Get Billed After Animal Jam Membership Term Ended?

A lot of parents might have questions about Animal Jam memberships, especially if they are thinking about getting a membership for their child. One question that people often have with this is that sometimes you can end up being billed after the membership term has ended, so we are going to explain why this happens.

If you purchase the 1 month or 6 month Animal Jam membership, then you need to understand these are recurring memberships which means that it is automatically renewed at the end of the membership term. This means that every 30 days and 183 days, you will be billed for the membership. This is setup that way because it is more convenient for customers who do not want the Animal Jam membership to lapse, since this would deny access to the in-game animals, pets, dens, and items that are for members-only.

If you would like to cancel a recurring membership, you can do this at any time by going into the Parent Dashboard. The player will still get all of the benefits of the member-only account until the end of the membership term, and then at that point, no more transactions will be charged to your account. During this time though, remember to tell your child that they only have so many days left to access the member-only features, such as items, pets, dens, and other accessories, and that once the membership expires, they will no longer be able to use these features. If you have more questions you can always contact Animal Jam support and they can help you. The support team always responds within 24 to 48 hours, so you will be able to get your questions answered quickly if you need to contact them.

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