Direwolf Coming Soon to Animal Jam!

The arrival of the Direwolf was announced on May 10th 2018 in the Jamaa Journal.  The Direwolf is the second extinct animal to be released after the addition of the Balloosh area.  It came after the release of the Sabertooth.  So far the Temple of the Ancients has been a gold mine for new animals!

The Direwolf was announced in a similar way as the Sabertooth – a statue in the Temple of the Ancients crumbled and revealed it.  There were many guesses as to what the new animal would be, but I wasn’t expecting a Direwolf!

After I read the announcement in the journal, I went over to the Temple of the Ancients to see the statue for myself.  It looks so cool!  I wonder how it will compare in size to the other wolves in Animal Jam?

It’s still early because the Direwolf was only just announced yesterday.  You can expect them to be released either next week on the 17th or the following week on the 24th.  In the past, pretty much all the new animal releases have happened on a Thursday.

Like most other the new animals, the Direwolf will likely be available to members only and will be available for purchase at the Diamond Shop.  If it’s anything like previous animals, it will cost 10 diamonds.

I’ll come back and update this post as soon as the Direwolf is offficially released!  In the meantime, let me know what you think of them in the comments.  Are you excited for the Direwolves to come to Animal Jam?  Are you going to buy one??

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