How to Disable or Enable Player Accounts on Animal Jam

It is possible that you login to Animal Jam one day and you see a message that said “We’re sorry, this account does not have sufficient privileges to play at this time.” If this happens, you should know that this means your player account has been disabled from the Parent Dashboard. During this time, you will not be able to login to Animal Jam and play, and there is no way around that until the player account is enabled through the Parent Dashboard. Don’t worry though, you will just need to have a parent sign into the Parent Dashboard and enable the account, as long as it was not disabled by your parent on purpose.

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How to Enable & Activate Player Account

You will need to login to the Parent Dashboard, then select the username of the player account that you wish to enable. You also use this same method to disable an account as well, so these guidelines can be used both ways. You can find the status of the player account by simply looking below the username of said account, and then looking next to the account field.

All you have to do is click either enabled or disabled. Enabled means that the player will be able to login to Animal Jam and play. If the player account is disabled, then a message will appear telling them they do not have sufficient privileges to play, but it will not specifically say that the player account has been disabled. If the account was disabled, they will not be able to login to the game at all nor will they be getting messages or any other access to Animal Jam. Sometimes the player account can accidentally be disabled from the Parent Dashboard, so it’s important to know how to correct the issue just in case a button is hit without knowing it.

As for you Jammers, if you see this message pop up, you should ask your parent to enable the account, but sometimes a parent might disable it if you get bad grades or you are grounded. In this case, just wait it out and soon enough your parent will enable your Animal Jam account so you can keep playing.

  1. My account says disabled when I try to play but at the parent dashboard it’s fine! What now and I am the mom I play with my kids😊

  2. My account says disabled when I try to play but at the parent dashboard it’s fine! What now?

  3. Thx it worked i have my account back now 🙂

  4. my acount has been enabbled i cant find my acount shycritter can you plz help me i really want it back!!!!!!!!!

  5. It works! 😮 YES!


  6. Thx for this I enabled my account!

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