Play Wild Disco Potion

In the last couple of months, AJHQ has released several different potions into Play Wild. One of those potions is called the Disco Potion. This item was first released on January 2, 2019, and can be optioned in the Phantom Dimension for 400 Phantom Tokens.

When a Disco Potion is used, it spawns a large disco ball, and the player is made to dance for a total of thirty minutes. Once the timer runs out, the player will stop dancing. The description of the item states the following: “Use this potion to bring colorful lights with you wherever you go!” Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Disco Potion!

Play Wild Disco Potion Appearance

The Disco Potion comes in a small, glass vial, and has a cork to keep the potion from spilling. Inside the vial, there is a red liquid. On the vial itself, you will find a disco ball, which is very fitting with what it actually is, the Disco Potion. The Disco Potion comes in only one variant. You can see what the item looks like in the picture below.

How to Get a Disco Potion in AJPW

Unfortunately, the Disco Potion in Play Wild is not tradable. This means that you will have to obtain the item by yourself. There are currently two ways for you to obtain the Disco Potion. Firstly, you could exchange your Phantom Tokens to buy the Disco Potion. Secondly, you can fight the Giant Phantom to receive the Disco Potion as a random prize.

Phantom Dimension

You can access the Phantom Dimension by going through the Phantom Portal in the Lost Temple of Zios. Once you are there, you can eliminate Phantoms to receive small amounts of Tokens. After collecting 400 Tokens, you can go to the Shop and purchase the Disco Potion.

Giant Phantom Prize

You can also face the Giant Phantom, which is located in the Arctic Wolf Ice Cave. You will need to feed it a Paintseed, after which it drops a random prize. If you are lucky, you will get the Disco Potion.

Play Wild Disco Potion Codes

Unfortunately, there are currently no codes available for the Disco Potion item in Play Wild. When AJHQ releases redeemable codes, they usually spread rather quickly. We will always make sure to update posts whenever a code is made available! Leave a comment down below if you have already obtained and used the Disco Potion, and tell us how you did it!

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