Doctor’s Bag Rare Item Monday Giveaway

Attention Jammers, today is Monday, which means there is a rare item being given away on Animal Jam. If you have been feeling sick lately or you want to brush up on your medical skills, picking up the the rare doctor’s bag is one way to either make yourself feel better or gain some insight into the medical world.


The rare doctor’s bag is only going to be available for a limited time, so you need to go into Animal Jam and collect your bag as soon as you can. There is only limited quantities of the bag, which is why this is a rare item, and you will find out that only the cool people are collecting the rare items found on Monday. You can login to Animal Jam every Monday to find yourself a new rare item, whether it’s a doctor’s bag or another item you want to add to your Animal Jam account, and this giveaway is going on all summer long.

Getting the rare doctor’s bag is going to make your characters in the game look even cooler, and any Jammer who wants to look professional and like you are in the medical field should grab up the bag. Another good thing about the rare doctor’s bag is that it can be used as an accessory piece to almost any outfit you have in your personal collection, and you can feel like you are part of something special since only so many Jammers will have this item.

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  1. What if I actually sprained my ankle because I did last week due to hiking with my mom. It hurts.

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