Dolphin Jammer Art Submission Features

There have been so many talented Jammers from all over the world who have submitted pictures based on the theme of dolphins. While there were a lot of great submissions, of course, only a few were chosen to be featured on the Daily Explorer. There were five awesome dolphin-inspired pictures that you can find on Daily Explorer, and the five people who were chosen to be featured this time around were Darling Arcticwolf, Miss Icyspirit, Fairy Windybelle, Happy Happywolf, and Enchanted Icyviolet. Congratulations to these awesome Jammers for their creativity and ingenuity when it came to the topic of dolphins, but know that they were not the only ones with really great work, just the few that were chosen to have their artwork featured.

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If you did not already know, you can also have your artwork featured on the Daily Explorer by submitting your best work to the website that goes along with the theme for that week. The following weeks will require you to submit your artwork based on the topic of back to school and animals with treasure. If you are featured on the Daily Explorer then you will also get a cool plaque that you can put in your den. Even if you were not one of the five featured on the Daily Explorer, you might be one of the “honorable mentions” which will be featured in Jammer Central.

Remember, you must not include any personal information in your submissions, and you need to make sure your submission follows the guidelines of the topic for that week, which in this case is back tool school and animals with treasure. You can submit as many pieces of artwork that you would like, but remember, it does not increase your chances of getting featured on the Daily Explorer.

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