AJPW Double Wings

If you are looking for very unique, and extremely rare clothing items, you should take a look at the Double Wings. This item was first released on November 30, 2017, and was obtainable by opening Pack Chests. It was removed only a few hours later, and it was never explained why.

What makes the Double Wings so rare is that the item was only available for a couple of hours, before it was removed from the game again. This means that you had to be online at that very moment, and find the item in the Pack Chest. If you missed the time window, like most of the other Jammers, you did not receive the Double Wings. Today, we are going to take a look at the Double Wings, and tell you how you can still obtain the item for yourself.

Double Wings Appearance in AJPW

The Double Wings almost look like two paper wings have been folded, and stuck together in the center. One of the wings is smaller than the other one. The Double Wings appear very small in the item picture, but once you wear them, they are normal-sized wings. This item comes in only one color variant, which is red and dark-red. You can see what it looks like in the picture below.

How to Get Double Wings in Play Wild

If you were like most of the unlucky Jammers, and you missed the time window to obtain the Double Wings by opening Hideout Chests, it will be quite difficult for you to obtain the Double Wings now. The only way to do so would be by trading for the item.


The Double Wings are considered to be extremely rare. Most comments on Play Wild trading forums ask for the item, but you will also find a few Jammers that offer the item. However, as expected, they want rare and valuable items in return.

The item that is asked for the most is the Blackout Spiked Collar. If you happen to own this collar, you might be able to trade for the Double Wings by offering it up in a trade. If not, you can always try to offer your own valuables, and see if there are any traders looking for those.

Double Wings Play Wild Codes

I can say with a certainty that AJHQ will never release any codes for the Double Wings. This item was only available in the game for a couple of hours, which makes them extremely rare.

Your only option to obtain the Double Wings is to trade for them. There are quite a few traders on Play Wild forums looking to trade theirs. Make sure to check what the value of the item is, and don’t get scammed by offering too much. Leave a comment down below if you are looking to trade for the Double Wings!

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