Eagles Are Here!

Hey Jammers!  The wait is over, Eagles are here!!  You can get yours from the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds.  Rumor has it these flying creatures can reach areas of Jamaa that haven’t been accessible before!


Now you can get a pet tiger from the Diamond Shop too!  Just look at how awesome these little guys are!


Another exciting bit of news is the brand new Swoopy Eagle game available for all Jammers!  If you’ve played Flappy Bird before, it’s just like that but with eagles!  It can be very frustrating but also very addicting!


Need more diamonds to buy an eagle but already have an Animal Jam membership?  Well you’re in luck because now you can buy diamond gift certificates!  Head over to Animal Jam Outfitters to get one!


The Conservation Museum has a new exhibit called “Taking Flight” where you can view all kinds of cool flying creatures from all over the world!  Keep your eye out for some new lucky items coming to the shops of Jamaa…Just in time for St Patricks day?


  1. I already have an eagle and the daily spin!

  2. I got an eagle 3 months ago and you don’t have it:-D

  3. But, AJHQ is cool because of the FAIR TRADING thing. It’s cool. 😉

  4. Animal Jam Eagles are cool. 🙂 But I don’t like membership stuff… It’s like, they want money cause of adopting an animal. Or maybe for making AJHQ’s membership higher if they don’t have any money. Or maybe they want money for their home, things or more. Don’t be angry AJHQ, you’re kinda rude too… 🙁

  5. I WANT DAT EAGLE I GOT THREE DIAMONDS, its so not fair they only give diamonds once a week did anybody say that? the point is I HATE DAH DIMOND SHOP THERE IS SO MANY THINGS I WANT… THE CHEETAH,THE LEPORD,THE LOIN,ect… and if theres anymore stuff thats costing me I AM DONE(not with aj) I AM DONE WITH THE DIMOND SHOP!

    plz buddy me my user is arigril51973 🙂 (still hate dimond shop……..)

    • People, don’t be angry to AJHQ. It does not make you look cool, but rude. At least that is what you guys look in my eyes. AJHQ need money to keep the site running. They keep adding new stuff for members because they are grateful to them. If you simply do not like the Diamond Shop because it is only for members and it’s a hard job getting diamonds, just try not to show it. Some people like the Diamond Shop (like me) and it’s a great insult for them…
      And if you do not like AJ, why bother playing then? Or even commenting here?

  6. Lol guys u shouldnt yell for the birds to be in for members they just want you to buy stuff but thats fine we most likey wouldnt have things like egales ir rares unless aj has the money to make that stuff lol i used to play aj but my coumputer is crapy low memory but im a mindcrft skyrim little big planet and red dead redumotion player on PS3 brw my user is nadialeopard its nadia ( my name ) and leopard ( my fav animal ) have fun and dont scam aj is one of the most scaming games and kuds could get mad or deppressed so try to stop it and help others unless their asking 4 gifts and if someone scams someone else the scammed person will scam other people so lol big message true ty 4 readig

  7. listening to a song but its boring

  8. oh my god there the best thing ever but i dont have one!!!!!
    to bad 🙁

  9. Free Member File
    Username: soreena
    Password: 7418616
    Have fun dealing with cruddy ppl!!!!
    D:I D: D):
    Mustachelover1515 the third face was for you even if it is a dad face with a mustache!!
    I will only miss my 2 good friends on AJ, yumyumrb and Mustacheliver1515. ;(

  10. There kind of annoying going all over the place

  11. Friend meh my username is bunny74319

  12. The secret place for eagles are the eagle shop on coral canyons there is also one in adventures of beta you can see the new portal

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